Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stuff, and...holy crap, walking!

My boobs hurt. I thought I'd escaped the curse of the painful weaning boobs - but today I woke up and they were very sore, especially around the nipple. It's a new sensation that I haven't had before on this breastfeeding journey. Mom Guru says not to pump but to use cabbage leaves & Motrin to ease the pain. I'm just sort of uncomfortable most of the time, until I hold anything (or anyone!) close to my chest; then it just HURTS. I hope this passes soon. It makes doing just about anything difficult and painful.

Couple this with the fact that tomorrow is "the" day - the day I'm supposed to get my period, which I somehow don't think I'm going to get. So...when do I call the clinic, then? Tomorrow? Thursday? Friday? At what point is taking Provera to start the period justified? Well, I guess I should call to find out, huh?

After getting reams of mail reminding me and then re-reminding me about the dissolution of B's current low-cost healthcare and merger into a whole new system, today I got the re-enrollment form (you have to re-apply every year). I was very worried that they wouldn't accept a profit and loss statement as proof of income and would insist on tax forms - but a quick call confirmed that yes, they will accept the profit and loss statement. Now, I know better than to trust anything anyone tells me on the phone - but boy would it be great to not be stuck owing $350 a month, and another $350 if there's another child-! 

This morning I tried my new system - up at 6 for breakfast, then back to bed. It worked. B was happy in his playpen until nine! However, I will switch out what I make - today I had to sit, staring into space, for forty minutes while he laboriously made his way through three mini muffins. Then at nine I made him some eggs. Tomorrow I will make him the eggs at six (ten minutes, tops) and then let him feed himself the muffins later when I can eat with him and clean the kitchen while he slowly eats. This makes a lot more sense. I am determined to make this work, dammit!

Today I ran yet another meetup that nobody showed up to. Four RSVPs and no shows. Good times. It was to walk the Hollywood Reservoir. I went by myself after waiting half an hour - but turned around halfway because it was blistering hot and B was whining the whole time. I think the thing to do now that summer is upon us is do outdoor exercise late - like really late; 5 pm or so, when the sun loses most of its intensity. I'm going to take us to the Silverlake reservoir today around that time because I want B to get to play in the grass. I am trying to figure out how to use my limited cement backyard area for play. Going to have to brainstorm this one. Making a little sandbox a la Pinterest is on the list!

Our dance world is abuzz with the news of a new, though secret, pregnancy. Everyone is trying to guess who it is - I hope it's my friend who said she didn't want kids because she had to caretake her mentally ill sister when she was young and just didn't want to take care of anything again. I would hate to see her miss out on this chance because of past baggage. I also saw my bandleader and his wife Saturday night and she was talking about getting a new car, and said she wanted a Prius but was worried if they had kids that it would be too small. Then she said, "I said to him, if I buy this car, does this mean we're never having kids?" Ugh! The poor thing! I wish they would just take the plunge so that they don't have to worry about it anymore. They are rapidly becoming the only people without kids in our circle. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I say!

But most importantly - B kinda sorta walked yesterday! I looked over as he was marching back and forth in his playpen and noticed he wasn't holding on to the sides! Wow! So now I'm going to have to keep the video function on this phone ready at a moment's notice for when he does it again - it may be a while before I can catch him in the act!


  1. What you described sounds like what I felt the whole time I pumped. I hurt, like holding my babies against my chest was eye watering at times. I hope it goes away for you soon. My doc also recommended compression and ice packs.

    Yeah for a new breakfast routine and for walking! I think we may be getting closer and closer to crawling here.

    Not cool for people to RSVP and then just not show up. If I were closer...

  2. I really think you could be ovulating! I get really tender boobs for a few days around ovulation - to the point where it really quite hurts to breastfeed. It passes after a few days. I am not the only person this happens too - hopefully it's you too!

    Congratulations on walking B!

    1. That's an interesting thought - I've never heard of that! I did have quite a bit of EWCM the last few days which made no sense considering I'm technically due for a period. But I have zero experience with post-birth cycles so maybe this is just a really long one...? I'll ask when I call the clinic tomorrow!

  3. Yeah for almost walking!!! That'll be exciting!!

    I really can't understand these women just not showing up after RSVPing! Not even a "something came up" email after the fact? That's just rude!! I'd be so frustrated

  4. Good luck with the new routine. Summer sun can be a pain. 5 pm sounds early for afternoon exercise to me in the summer- but then again, that's rush hour here and the thought of traffic makes everything seem hotter.

    I have yet to experience the post-nursing soreness. Doesn't sound fun. Also, can't they think of something better than cabbage leaves- or do those have magical anti-inflammatory properties that I'm unaware of? In any event, I hope the pain doesn't last too long!

  5. Have you had a period yet since having B? If not, then all bets are off as to when you'll get your period, you can't really time it on anything. I'm not sure Provera would work, it seems like it would make more sense to just let it happen naturally. I got my first period about 3 weeks after Finn was fully weaned - I've heard some people take longer, some less.

    I think I'd be over that meet up group - how rude to not even contact you to let you know they wouldn't make it!