Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our trip to L&D

Had a real fright today when I went to drop B at the Baby Kennel, decided to use the bathroom before I left to see a movie and then go to a Superbowl party...and found a quarter-sized blotch of red blood in my underwear. I called the advice nurse and of course they told me to go to Labor & Delivery. So I did. 

They hooked me up to a monitor, then after twenty minutes of making sure the baby was ok, did an ultrasound to rule out placental abruption, and then an internal exam to check my cervix, which was closed and not actively bleeding. Urine sample was fine, blood pressure fine, although my pulse was high for obvious reasons-!

So, what was it? We don't really know. My cervix looked red and irritated apparently; they asked when the last time was that I had sex, and I laughed heartily and said it had been several years. And trust me - nothing else has been up there, either! So it could have been a burst blood vessel, just from the pressure and my general lack of rest looking after a toddler (although I've instituted Lay Down Afternoons the last few days in which I lie in bed and Bumpus plays around me in the hours between lunch and dinner, which have been lovely). I was told to come back if I have real contractions or continuous bleeding; I could always come back every time I spot like this, but that could make for a lot of visits. I have had little pin spots of blood the rest of the night. 

So I am on pins and needles. So afraid of waking up in the middle of the night with some kind of problem - that's kind of my worst nightmare. At least today it couldn't have been better timing with B just dropped off at the care place for several hours; although of course in the drive over to the hospital I imagined all kinds of scenarios - one of which of course being that today is Theo's birthday; the least of which being what ended up happening, which is that this was all a big nothing. 

It did make me realize how unprepared I am - I need to get a bag packed, put out spare keys, and have several people on notice from now on, since for the first time I have a real reason to believe I may not make it to my due date. Or not - who the hell knows? I definitely didn't feel comfortable today - rock hard belly and non-stop Braxton Hicks; still going on, actually. Going to bed now in hopes of getting some much needed rest. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that this baby cooks a little longer! We're not ready to meet him yet!


  1. Yikes, glad to hear everything turned out well. Maybe Theo just wanted to give you a practice run? Hopefully it is over and done with and he will continue to enjoy the view from the inside for a while longer.

  2. Sounds stressful (but at least you had care for B). I hope tomorrow your uterus is more relaxed and that things go more smoothly from here on out.

  3. Hope everything continues to go well Hilary! I am eagerly following you blog and hopeful and excited for you. I think your afternoon lie downs with Bumpus sound perfect. I do that with Little Bean too when I'm really beat and even without an actual nap it makes a big difference I find. All the best, Katie

  4. That's scary and exciting all at once. I hope Theo stays put until he's full term, but at least you're closer to ready if he wants to come early.

    Love the docs questions about sex. :)