Monday, February 24, 2014

Doin' the Crab Walk

So, went to my appointment with the random OB today. My urine test came back...negative! So, from plus one to negative! I was thrilled. Maybe it wasn't a clean catch last time, or maybe it was the protein loading and (mostly) clean eating all week...? But anyway, what a relief.

The blood pressure wasn't so great - 132 over something. It's never that high at home. But still not enough on its own to mean anything. This OB mentioned that they "automatically induce" after 37 weeks for high blood pressure, even borderline cases like mine. Ugh! So glad I'm not under her care. I love the way people throw around inductions like it's no big deal. Unfortunately so many women are so "done" at this point that they welcome it, not knowing how fucking horrible inductions can be. And I'm sorry but you'll never convince me that a 37 weeker is "full term". No sir.

So as I have so often done in the past, I slowly crab walked out the door - "ok...thanks so much...byeeee!" before they changed their mind and kept me for some reason. Whew! I have now bought myself time until 38 weeks on Friday and my next appointment. If that one goes well I will buy time until 39 weeks. No blood tests ordered, no 24 hour urine catch, no freaking NSTs. Thank GOD.

I hate to have that antagonistic feeling about my health care providers again, but unfortunately this is kind of what happens at the end. For the longest time they want to keep that baby in you no matter what; then it all changes and they want to get that baby out of you no matter what before their liability starts to kick in, not caring that the baby is not ready to be born, your body is nowhere near ready to go into labor, and whatever issues you're having are borderline at best. And I hate that about our system. 

BUT for me the news is good for now, and I'm getting so close to being within my comfort zone for delivery. I got my taxes done over the weekend, so that huge hurdle is passed. Current goals?

Make it to book club Weds
Make it to memorial service and two gigs this weekend
Make it to due date

Almost there-!


  1. Glad your appointment went well.

  2. Yay! I don't understand the medical field's rush to induce (and use pitocin) and call for C-sections. The sad things is this is the norm in medical school. They don't teach the beauty of letting the body do what it's supposed to do (when there are no true health concerns for mom or baby).

    Keep cooking, baby Theo and keep on crab walking all the way to that due date, Momma!

  3. Not much time left, I think you are going to make it to the end this time. Bumpus is looking so grown up in that picture!

  4. Wow, look at that big boy!

    Well, congratulations on escaping (narrowly, it sounds like!) an induction again! Thirty-eight weeks is so close!

    Will you be disappointed if you pass 40 weeks and there's no sign of labor starting?

    1. I don't think so - my sister is supposed to fly out on my due date which will solve many of my logistical problems of going into labor spontaneously. With that said I would consider inducing after my due date as a last resort. A friend of mine almost lost her baby at 41 weeks and had a scary emergency c section - I'm pretty spooked by that.

  5. So glad things went well at your appointment, and they didn't decide to induce you on the spot. Who knows, maybe you WILL end up getting exactly what you want this time (or, well, at least close to it)! Keep that baby in there until HE'S ready to come out! Love the pic of B - such a big boy, and so cute!

  6. I agree that so many women are "done" so take the induction as a relief not knowing how horrible it can be. That's how it was for me...mind you I was 39 weeks but still, if only I had held out, I would likely have had a much more "normal" birth.

    Hang in there! You're doing great!