Thursday, February 6, 2014

35 weeks

Well, I think we survived the "spotting scare". Nothing at all today, and I had my midwife appointment in which she reiterated that in subsequent pregnancies it's not unusual for the cervix to get "irritated". So even my body parts are all snippy now? I thought it was just me.

Anyway, a couple of interesting things happened at this appointment. One was the midwife says it's normal protocol to take the (miserable) 3 hour gestational diabetes test again at this point, which I have never heard of. I said, "No way. There's no way in hell I'm doing that." Then she said she had to tell me that I should start pricking my finger four times a day from now on. It was all I could do to not give her the finger. (I mentioned being snippy, right?). Luckily she changed the subject at this point. She measured my belly and said I was measuring big - 37 weeks and not 35. Apparently this means nothing, but I am concerned. Does this mean I have a giant baby? Does it mean I'm going to go early? Something tells me I have some googling cut out for me tonight! She said she only gets concerned when babies measure small, that I shouldn't worry. Let's hope I'm not looking at a nine pounder!

Kaiser also has a new system in which they do your admittance paperwork early. So I did that, also paid a $500 down payment (gulp). I guess that will save me the annoyance of a call while I'm in labor asking me for my credit card number. 

I thought I'd go every week after my 37 week appointment - but apparently it's every week from now on. I am not thrilled by this, but hey - this time last time I was there twice a week for NSTs and my regular appointments, so I really can't complain. I have to say I'm going to be thrilled when all this medical shit is behind me, though. I'm just getting a little sick of it. I just want the baby here, healthy, and for us all to get on with our lives.


  1. I'm sure Dr. Google has already sorted this out for you, but it's perfectly normal to measure two weeks ahead or behind. I was two weeks ahead for the first half of my third tri, probably just because there was a lot of fluid (M was 7lbs1oz at birth). My midwife said belly measurements don't mean much towards the end, anyway, as baby size and fluid level can vary so much from person to person by that point. Wishing you a decently-sized baby!

  2. When I was pregnant, one o my best friends was two months behind me in her pregnancy (with her second). She was waaay bigger than me (at one point was measuring 3.5 weeks ahead) and people always joked about her having twins, at 7 months she looked full term, she was worried about having a huge baby too. Turned out that she just had a ton of extra amniotic fluid. Her son was actually in the mid 6 pound range, whereas my son was just over 8. Turns out you can't tell by looking and measuring.