Monday, July 22, 2013


Today I went to get registered at Kaiser. When I got to the receptionist, she told me the department had just shut down for a two hour lunch break. So I had to leave, do my grocery shopping, and come back later. Even then it took over a half hour to be seen. I entertained B by tickling his feet. 

It was the same odd, stiff younger nurse that processed me as last time. Like last time, she asked if I planned to continue the pregnancy or not. Shudder. Then they ran a pregnancy test while I waited in the waiting room. It took so long I found myself wondering what I would do if she came out and said, "your test does not indicate pregnancy at this time." Can you imagine??? But thankfully that didn't happen!

I filled out all the creepy paperwork asking if anyone had hit me or forced me to have sex recently or if I had felt suicidal in the last month, they scheduled me for the nasty-ass glucose drink test tomorrow, and that was it. I'm registered. This pregnancy is now official.

When I sang B his "day recap" song I told him we went to the hospital to put in our order for a baby brother or sister, who we can go pick up in eight months. Ah, if only it were that simple! Some day, huh? If that technology existed I'd go for it in a heartbeat over pregnancy and labor. Heck yeah.

Started the day pretty ill but rallied enough by the afternoon that I had a giant cooking spree - made curry and rice for B's dinner, ratatouille and goat cheese polenta for my dinner, and chili for lunches. This way I shouldn't have to face cooking for a while. Who knows if I will want to eat any of this - but hell, if I don't want to I can always freeze it until I do. This sickness can only last six more weeks, right? 

I emailed my midwife about her private acupuncture practice; she told me I can't bring B so I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. I will get some Zofran as soon as I can - but like I said, it didn't do much for me last time; so far the Unisom + B6 seems to work as well/poorly as the Zofran ever did. 

Not sure when the big day - the viability ultrasound - will be. I hope it'll be next week or early the week after. Last time it was just after 8 weeks. But like giving myself permission to be a checked-out mother yesterday, I am also giving myself permission to not get all excited or wrapped up in this pregnancy until a) we see the heartbeat and b) my event is over, when I can finally relax and think about fun things like maternity clothes and nursery themes and names. The first trimester is all about survival usually anyway - mine, and the baby's. Six more weeks and I can start celebrating in earnest.

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  1. The nurse at the school I work at, was so sick with her 2nd (but was barely sick with the first), that she was on a Zofran drip 24/7 for about two months. She wore a fanny pack with the meds, I'm not sure where/how it was actually going in. Though I suppose the only reason her doctor agreed to it is that she is a trained nurse. Either way, it is the only way she was able to be a functioning human. Hope you start feeling better soon.