Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

Last night went remarkably well. I had to take B to my gig because my first two sitters were busy, the third had to cancel due to illness, and the Baby Kennel wasn't open late enough. My bandleader's wife kindly offered to watch him while I sang, and luckily there were lots of other babies and toddlers there, so I didn't feel too uncomfortable having him there. And unlike last time I brought him to a gig and he was pretty much over it right away, he was actually just fine, playing and happy, until about the last hour, when he fell asleep. What a relief!

His nose started running last night and he felt a little warm; but we had a good long sleep (waking once at 7 am for a prolonged diaper change/feed/play, but then sleeping until after noon, hallelujah). His nose is still running but he definitely does not have a fever now. However I have changed probably ten poopy diapers in the last twelve hours. And that's a question I have for everyone - what's going on with the poop?

For the last two-three days B has pooped probably every hour on the hour. I have gone through a whole box of diapers in just a couple of days. It is on the runny/diarrhea side for the most part; could he be dehydrated? How would he be dehydrated if he's still mostly breastfeeding? I haven't fed him anything he hasn't been already eating for a couple of months. I can't seem to find anything about this online - most infant poop web searches only talk about newborns, not ten month olds. Is it teething, maybe? He does appear to be cutting two new upper teeth. He doesn't seem bothered by any of this. But I'm just worried because it's not normal to change a poopy diaper every it?

Beyond that, looking forward to everything being done this week - the attic, the sewer, final checks written, and I can sit down and assess my situation for real. Also I open for registration Friday and that will give me an idea of where I stand. A lot of anxiety around this. I'm hoping the excitement generated by this event I played last night will make people want to sign up early for the next big California event, mine. Here's hoping!

Here are some pics of the attic right now with the cabinet frames in, and Bumpus sleeping in last night's "tux".


  1. He might have the norovirus that's been going around. Sunken soft spot and dark yellow urine are two signs of dehydration. If he doesn't have those, he's probably fine.

    The attic space looks so cool!

  2. If he's still feeding regularly & well, I doubt he'd be dehydrated...I know Elena went thru the similar when cutting her early teeth so it could be that?

    The attic space is looking really great!!