Saturday, July 4, 2015

La lucha

Last night I met Tall Guy at a French restaurant and had a lovely dinner. He was smart, sharp, and surprisingly kind and compassionate (in my experience, very smart and compassionate rarely go together). At one point he told this hilarious story about how he thinks men grow up on tampon commercials and think all women walk along the beach with their moms sipping bowl-like cups of coffee cradled in their hands. I think he could be right. He also told a story about meeting a woman online who called him "daddy" and was so turned off by this that he couldn't stomach seeing her again.

See? This poor woman says one word wrong and is banished to first date only hell. Is that all it takes now, one word, to kill a potential future relationship?

Or one text?

I hate to admit it but I have been thinking about GAM lately, only because we had such an intense immediate attraction and connection with each other, and that's been so absent on all of last week's dates. It makes me sigh with longing and regret. It also makes me cringe when I think about all his friends high-fiving him that he dumped the psycho (me). I could be having mind-blowing sex right now instead of sitting here alone and bored on a national holiday, if not for one stupid text. But. As we all know that guy had major issues and it's better to know that earlier. He would have made me crazy and miserable with his anger and rigidity. So. That's that. La lucha continua.

Back to Tall Guy. So despite having about zero attraction to him we did have a nice time together and he said he wanted to see me again, so I'll go if he asks. I'm always willing to keep an open mind especially with things like attraction that can be transient and tricky for us women.

I texted Swagger today just to tell him I was sore from bowling. No answer.

Still holding out for 3D animation guy. All I can think there is he was genuinely busy but really does want to meet me, or is yet another fickle a-hole who was all hot for me in the moment but has now moved on to another, shinier object. I figure I'll check in with him tomorrow night and if he doesn't respond, we have our answer.

I have no other prospects at all. It's kind of depressing, but honestly, my event is two months away, and I need to do some fucking work now. So it may not be the worst thing if my frenetic dating life calms down a bit. Last night I was so exhausted just driving to my date that I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the table. Had he not been as interesting I probably would have.


  1. I've found that attraction can grow so I think it's good you're giving tall guy a chance. I've met men I wasn't initially attracted to but got to know them & loved some important qualities & then found myself becoming physically attracted to them.

  2. It's so fun reading about all your dates! You should let your blog readers set you up on blind dates. :) I'm sure we all know someone who knows someone in your area!