Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are you done?

Are you done? This is a question I get asked a lot these days. My honest answer right now is no! Although given the chance this will change to yes in a week or two, or three...given the chance. Not that I desire to continue being this pregnant. But I do desire to have a healthy full term baby. Yet another way as parents we happily sacrifice our comfort and convenience for the well being of our children, without a second thought. 

I often think about how great it'll be to be light and lean again - to be able to bound out of a chair, bed, or car without shooting pain, to be able to pick up B without worry, to go on long walks again, to get in the hot tub! Last night I took a minute to paint my toenails and nearly passed out. Shaving my legs produces similar issues. The women on my WTE app post constantly about how to keep their vajayjay groomed, when you can't even see it. Thankfully I have no one to impress so this area has long been happily neglected!

Today my cleaning lady comes (bless her) and then tomorrow B has a long stint at the kennel so I can attend my SMC meeting and then do my taxes. It's not what I would like but unfortunately my tax appointment was moved from today, so it leaves me with nothing at all to do today and way too much going on tomorrow. Oh well, it bought me some time not having to work on the taxes last night, which was a welcome break. 

I try to picture life now with the two boys, which is so close. How will it really feel to be a "mother of two"? I still think of that term and think it can't possibly apply to me. How will Bumpus be as a big brother? Will they be buddies or just annoy/ignore each other? What if they have nothing in common? What if Bumpus never quite adjusts? 

But those are all worst case scenarios. I know B will be fine, but I know enough to expect an adjustment period. I am setting myself up to be understanding, though, and (hopefully) not be angry, punishing mommy if he acts out. It's a huge thing about to happen to him and I want to make sure I lovingly guide him through it.



  1. Love the picture of the two of you!

    It's hard to keep your cool as your oldest learns to deal with the new baby, even when things go as smoothly as they have with my family. The sleep deprivation is harder than I remember at times. Someone told me that at the age B and F are, they are likely to quickly have a hard time remembering life before their new brothers arrived, and for some reason that makes the transition hiccups easier to deal with for me.

  2. I hope that things go smoothly and that when it doesn't you can be understanding (and understanding toward yourself, when you can't). Although I have dealt with jealousy and sibling rivalry from the beginning, I am grateful that neither I nor one of my kiddos had to go through the adjustment from one to two. There are a few perks to two at once. :)

  3. Wow, you look beautiful!

    I know you will do a great job shepherding B through the challenges of having a new sibling. You won't be perfect, but yes, it won't be long before he doesn't remember a time before Theo. And although you will be tired as you deal with these challenges, you won't be pregnant! That will make things a lot easier.

    I'm glad to hear you aren't in a rush to have the pregnancy over. It's good to be able to appreciate where you are.

    I'm so excited for you guys!