Thursday, February 20, 2014

37 weeks

Got a call at 8 AM that my midwife appointment had been canceled, so rescheduled for crazy early tomorrow morning. Then that appointment was canceled. Rescheduled for Monday with some random OB, so this week I'll be seen not at all and next week, twice. Better next week than this week, in my opinion! I can handle the shit hitting the fan once I hit 38 weeks. But not now.

I know my health is in no danger because my many blood pressure checks a day have always been normal. And I feel pretty ok, considering. As you know my fear is not our health being jeopardized but the medical community getting all overly cautious and trying to shame me into early induction. But again...hitting 38 weeks next week I feel slightly less panicked about this. Every day makes me feel just a little better, because it's another day I get to cook baby T a little longer. 

And the list of things to do diminishes every day, too. I hired a nice man who lost his grandson in a car crash to come over and move B's carseat and install his old one for Theo, so that's done. I cleaned up the upstairs for my sister's stay. I stocked up on food today just in case I'm not allowed to leave one of my appointments. Working on my taxes all week which will hopefully get done this weekend. Paying bills. Heck, I may even paint my toenails - if I can reach them!

My savior lately has been a park one of my mommy & me friends found - a gated toddler playground with tons of communal toys. We've gone there just about every day. It's just such a different vibe when the park is made specifically for toddlers and babies and there are tons of toys around that belong to no one - and you can actually sit on a bench in the shade and watch your kid push a plastic truck around for hours and relax for two seconds. Sooo much more enjoyable than the all ages parks with no gate where the big kids plough over the little kids, everyone fights over the toys, and your kid keeps running into the street  every five seconds. I may never go to another playground again! I think I'll call it Third Trimester Park.

And now to spend the night with a stack of receipts and a calculator. Blah.


  1. Getting so close! I'm excited for you.

  2. Glad you get the reprieve from possible pressure to do something unnecessary. I can't believe how fast time (from my perspective as the non-pregnant one, of course!) has gone by!!.

    Ooh! I need a park like that. I am working on create something like that in the backyard as my poor kiddos end up cooped up way too much. Hopefully it will come together this weekend. And then maybe when Theo and Mommy are up for an adventure the three of you could visit. Or we could come up and meet you somewhere in your neck of the woods when you are ready.

  3. Hooray for 37 weeks!!!

    And for gated toddler parks!

  4. That park sounds AWE-some! Great find!