Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin pickin'

The day did not start or end particularly well, but the middle part was fun. I have had little to no Internet service for about a week now - thank God for cell phones and 4G otherwise I'd be completely crippled. I've struggled with trying to find the source of the problem - I'm on my third wireless router in as many months; but even when I plug the computer directly into the modem the computer says it's connected to the Internet, but I can't get email or go to web sites. And so my Roku doesn't work, my printer doesn't work, and much worse, my burglar alarm doesn't work and occasionally beeps out a series of "trouble" signals. Which it did at 3:30 this morning, waking me from a sound sleep. So when I got up I decided to call my Internet service provider to see if maybe the modem was old and not working properly - and I was on the phone with them for ALMOST TWO HOURS while we went over and over turning it off and on, turning the computer off and on, etc etc etc. Finally I said I had to go and hung up. They seemed more interested in trying to get me to agree to a $40 upgrade to faster service than fixing my problem. I then called the Geek Squad, figuring they could at least get a handle on this problem, AND I could get them to set up my new computer which has been sitting in the box for nearly a year, which also may solve the problem. The only thing is - the earliest appointment isn't until Monday. And I have a sitter the next three nights. What if the burglar alarm randomly starts beeping while she's here? I don't particularly want to give her the code so she can turn it off. So I may try to set up the new computer tonight myself. Ugh! I hate technology!!!

So, utterly fed up and pissed off, I decided to take Bumpus to a pumpkin patch I've been wanting to check out. It was really cool and enjoyable. When we got home he was super cranky and whiny and I was just counting the seconds until bed time. I think he was just worn out. But we sure had fun at the farm. Here are some pics:


  1. Cute! I love that shirt - where did you get it?