Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Night two

As hoped, last night went better. I put B down in the crib with a blankie and a stuffed animal with the intention that he sleep (rather than letting him fall asleep when he felt like it), rubbing his belly and cooing to him until he slept. I don't think I've ever done that before - actually put an awake baby to sleep. It was fascinating watching his eyelids slowly shut.

Of course he woke an hour later, hysterical. But I laid him right down, and he stayed there, and fell asleep after about 20 minutes. He woke again for what used to be his nighttime feed time, 4 AM. But almost immediately went back to sleep. I decided 8:30 was as good a time as any to be up, so fed him. My boobs were suffering something awful from not having fed him in 10 hours or so - and unfortunately he has lately taken on the habit of biting down so hard on my right nipple that it was unbearable and I had to stop. I tried to bust out the old nipple shield, but he would have none of it. So I may have a problem on my hands. I may have to start using the pump for relief, which I did today. Although I do believe we're on the way to weaning. He doesn't seem that interested, and the teeth frigging HURT. And he's a year. It's time.

In the effort to entertain more, I am thinking of changing up my patio furniture. It's all filthy, warped, and in ill repair. I never want to go outside because there's nowhere clean to sit. Unfortunately, patio furniture is a fortune. Fortunately, there are places like Big Lots that have ridiculous deals. I can replace my six rickety wooden dining table chairs for $20 each. The only problem is getting them here. They also have an amazing modular sofa for outdoors which is a fraction of the cost of the usual outdoor sets. I could trick out my outdoor area and have groups out there instead of in my cramped house - but I'm reluctant to spend the money. Not until I get that "out of network" ER visit bill, which could be in the thousands. Ugh.

It's definitely on my mind that a year ago today I was in a terrible state - being pressured into inducing, worried about my health, terrified of what I was about to endure. Boy, if only I could have seen how well it would all turn out! At least that would have given me some small comfort.


  1. A year now- wow! I remember reading when you were going to the hospital. From the outside, it's hard to imagine it has been a year now. I'm glad that you and B are in a good place this year. :-)

  2. Ashlynn chomped my finger the other day (and I have to actively avoid letting her repeat that) and Aidan has clamped down on my finger with his gums and I cannot imagine being able to tolerate either experience on my nipple!! Good luck with that one.

  3. Glad last night went better, or I guess that was 2 nights ago now :) so I hope last night went well too :)

    I like the idea of you setting up a nice area B gets bigger, I think you'll be glad you did.

    Here's to better times this year! A whole year, wow!!

  4. I'm sorry, that is one gorgeous Bumpus you've got there. What a cutie patootie!