Friday, May 8, 2015

Never a dull moment, part XVIII

What the-?

Well, looky who texted today asking me to lunch next week. None other than The Love Interest. Mother.Effer.

I wrote back that I wasn't sure if I had a weekday sitter anymore but would check. Then I wrote:

Don't feel bad or like you owe me an explanation or anything - we're still friends, it's all good 😀

And then:

...and I'm still eating that frigging cake!!!

Then he wrote:

That pie was huge.  Glad it's in your icebox and not mine!  Also glad we're still friends. So let's get lunch if you can.  Just let me know 

So we're having lunch on Monday. Is he going to say hey, let's go for it? I highly doubt it. I think he just feels bad about how things went and doesn't want to feel awkward on Thursday when we have our monthly meeting. If the situation were reversed I would do the same - actually, I wouldn't ask him to lunch for fear of getting his hopes up; I would call to apologize and smooth things over and make sure we were ok. I mean, I really don't need to hear a second time how much he just wants to be my friend only, you know? I kind of got the message. One friend I told about this development called him a "manipulative little shit". I think that's a little harsh; I think what's really happening is he doesn't want to look like a big jerk. So I will go into this lunch just expecting it to be the apologist bullshit I'm sure it is. I may even take pleasure in telling him I've already started dating someone else...which is true.

Believe it or not, the date I had Wednesday night went really well. I really liked this guy, and was attracted to him despite his short stature. He liked me too and hit me up the very next day for another date...which may end up being the same night as my lunch with The Love Interest...because I am a dirty, dirty whore.

This guy - we'll call him Craig's List Guy (yes, I found one seemingly normal guy in a sea of dick pics and ads for men wanting you to come over and watch them jerk off) - is just my type in many ways; single dad, New Yorker, graphic designer, and very, very nice. We had a blast chatting and he was very interested in the whole Smc thing and my business, etc. I think he just has a tough go of it because of being so tiny. It's not my favorite thing but I like his face and he just seems nice.

And more importantly...interested. How refreshing is that?

So I've been re-reading Fear of Flying for like the bajillionth time, and every time I read it I get something new from it. Last time I read it was before I had kids; all of her musings about possibly having a baby feel so different now that I've done it, and twice. In the book she is torn between two lovers. As am I, apparently. Or rather:

Torn between the long time friend I hit on and was shot down by but now wants to take me to a pity lunch just so I don't think he's a jerk, and some random guy I met on Craig's List who turned out to be kind of cool and actually wants to date me unlike that other guy who's more concerned about my not thinking he's a jerk than my actual feelings

What, is that too long a title for the average book cover?


  1. I'm so happy to hear this development! Go girl go! Just an aside, my mother was 2 inches taller than my dad. A good example for you. I have to say I agree somewhat with your friend's reaction about the former "love interest". He just sounds weak to me and he's taking up your energy constantly wondering about him. So glad you're venturing forth. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I'm so glad your date went well! I'd have a tough time with the height thing, too, but I'd try to overlook it if I could. And wow, you're brave to date a Craig's List Guy! I hope he continues to be as nice as he seems. But be careful... because why in God's name did he post on Craigslist, knowing how... craigslisty... it is?? But he does sound great - yay for you!

    And the Love Interest? First, I think he needs a new name. And Manipulative Little Shit may not be so farfetched, although maybe slightly. I do think it's kind of obnoxious he asked you to lunch so soon, when obviously it could make you really start to wonder... but who am I to judge?! ;)

    1. I agree. I wouldn't even waste my time with someone like that. And why would you want to be friends with a man? I thought you wanted to meet someone to have a relationship with. That isn't him-so I don't get it. I wouldn't want that, nor waste my time being friends with a man.Especially someone who is manipulative like him. I agree with the previous 2 comments.

  3. I agree lunch is his way to smooth things over. And maybe a little more, on a subconscious level... As you said it is nice to be liked and maybe he wants to keep you in the friends-zone so he can have you around to 'like' him when his ego needs it. but considering you DO have to see him at the meetings, I would go and allow him to try to smooth things over but nothing more after that.

    And WOW!! you really did find the needle in a haystack... a normal guy on Craigslist! Good luck with him!!