Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I keep starting posts and then deleting them because I'm just so boring right now. But I feel like I want to check in, so here's the super exciting updates.

Now that the money has come in it's time to take care of a million annoying repairs around this house - because of some gaping holes around my washer/dryer fawcet pipes, the kitchen has become overrun by giant bugs that shall remain nameless (and by "overrun" I mean I saw one the other night and have been freaking out ever since). So I've called in my super hot aging hipster handy man. Hopefully he's divorced by now. Just kidding. Not really.

I've had a lot of warm fuzzies from friends lately. An old friend who's been away from LA since before Theo was born is coming back in about a week and I'm super excited about it. Also a very old friend from NY is visiting with thoughts of moving here and I'm super excited about that. My friend in the seventeen-year relationship who's now getting married has asked me to stand with her along with her best friend from high school, which is quite an honor and I'm thrilled to do it. So, yay for friends.

I have started the monumental task of tax preparation. I am just praying I get a decent refund what with two kids now and can finally replace the shitty fridge that ruins my life on a daily basis, since last year's refund reserved for ten months for that sole purpose finally had to be spent on just bills. Boo to that.

On the spur of the moment asked The Love Interest last week to lunch this week and he said he "should be able to make it happen" but neither of us has followed up and I don't think I'm going to. I suddenly just don't give enough of a shit. But that's mainly because I'm on my period and don't really give a shit about anything but the acquisition of chocolate. Give me a week and all of a sudden I'll have this overwhelming urge to jump on him again. And so it goes. Good times.

Every single day I think about weaning - mostly because I am drying up and now our one nursing session in the morning just results in me feeling like I've been attached to a vacuum cleaner for ten minutes, and Theo rolling away frustrated and angry. But I have two barriers to stopping - one, T is not drinking from a sippy cup yet; I've tried three different types and he won't take any of them, nor will he take a bottle from me. I'll keep trying of course, because eventually he'll get it as he did hand feeding and me spoon feeding him, but right now he's not there yet and is getting hardly any liquid at all which freaks me out. Also he's one in ten days and can't I just keep nursing for ten more days? Yes I can. And so I shall. 

Now to tiptoe into the kitchen and make sure nothing is moving ((shudder)).


  1. Large bug (ick!) aside, it sounds like things are good right now. I hope it stays this way for a good long time.

  2. Sounds good and here's to getting a new fridge!!

    I am sure you have tried tons of cups but just in case... Have you tried the Sassy Grow Up cup. It just take gravity and a little sucking. Elsie for some reason couldn't get the concept of sippy cups either but these worked for her.

  3. Yay for warm fuzzes from friends!

    Boo to large creepy crawly things. I'd be freaking out, too. I hate bugs, especially spiders.

    Hope all stays well!

  4. Very nice honour to be asked to stand at your friend's wedding. That would give me warm & fuzzies too. Glad all is well in your corner of motherhood.