Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Donor Appreciation Day!

While I avoid all the gushing "I have the best dad/I have the best husband" posts on Facebook today, I would like to take a moment to thank the 23-year-old guy who walked into an unassuming medical office in Pasadena, looked at some porn, did his business in a cup, and made my two sons possible.

I know, it's not very romantic, is it? But that's AI for you, married or not - you'd like to think of the conception of your children being a beautiful, spiritual moment between two people who love each other, but I think it's rarely that. More often than not even when children are the result of sex, even then it's probably more "this had better work this time" or "oh my god I hope I don't get pregnant" or "let's just get this over with so I can go back to sleep". So as with most things in life, that "magical moment" is probably rare.

So this random guy, whose name I may or may not know sixteen years from now, did such a simple thing, that made such an incredible thing possible for me and untold other women. I don't kid myself that he thought about anything other than the money. But that's ok. However you get there, you know?

So Donor, wherever you are, I appreciate you. I hope someday you know the joy of a good relationship and your own children. I hope you wonder about your offspring and I hope you get to meet them. They're pretty awesome. 


  1. I blogged yesterday and posted on FB recognizing Sidekick's Donor, which resulted in my amazing son! I truly am grateful that he helped me conceive my son. I sometimes wonder if our donors ever think about their "offspring". Do you think? Or have they forgotten they ever did such a thing?

  2. I really like the concept of Donor Appreciation. You say it so well, however this guy ended up to be in the clinic donating, whether he realizes it or not, he did an amazing thingfo some amazing women.