Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A whole new breed

After several false starts, I got Bumpus to wear his little play mei tai baby carrier today. The first couple of times I tried to put it on him, even after carefully explaining what it was and showing him how it worked, he screamed and threw it on the floor. For some reason today he was game, and watching him pat his stuffed animal's back and kiss his head as I do Theo's was the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately though he was unwilling to take it off...ever. We had to get in the car and somehow I managed to get the stuffed dog out of the carrier and let him hold it instead so I could at least strap him into the car seat, but getting him into his pajamas was another thing! Well, can't complain about his enthusiasm, anyway! 

When we were walking to the car a (progressive-looking) guy with a beard drove by and stared at B with his carrier on with a "wow, look at that kid, that's cool!" kind of look. And in that moment I was really proud to be a parent of a whole new, and different, breed of young men coming up in the world.

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  1. Such a cute idea! I will have to remember this for later...