Saturday, February 20, 2016

Renovations begin

Last week my renovations began. It looks like it's going to be a marathon rather than a sprint, but that's ok with me. The inconvenience is minimized - apparently I only need to be out of my room a couple of nights, not weeks - as we'll be doing things one week at a time. Last week was rewiring both bedrooms (with two new outlets and carbon monoxide detectors in both). This week will be patching, walls and ceiling (my current room is in desperate need of a complete re-plaster). This week will suck. Week after is flooring which will have me sleeping in the dining room for a couple of nights. Then all the little details - light fixtures, new door knobs, shelves, wall paper. But as soon as the floors are done the boys move in together. Which puts Theo out of the attic for the first time in a year, and into a toddler bed. Then right after that he turns two and starts school. That's a lot of change for the little guy. I hope we can all weather it.

This last week was rough. I was still nauseated all week, and one day had to get up at 6 to let in contractors who didn't end up showing up until nearly nine anyway. It poured rain so I had nothing to do with Theo except drive around in circles. Oh, it sucked. I also just freak out when my home is chaotic and invaded. I hate it so much. But it has to happen. 

This week should have good weather so hopefully I can get in some walks as part of my diet. It's going well - down the three pounds I'm supposed to be at this point, so if I stay on track I will lose all the weight I want in the next 1-2 months. 

I discovered, after checking out the sign in forms at B's school, that the morning drop off does not have to be 7:30 AM. The gal watching the door told me mornings are flexible, that kids can be dropped off as late as nine. I was delighted! This means that when B starts kindergarten at 8 I can potentially drop T at preschool afterwards instead of getting up even earlier. So, that was a bit of a relief.

The Boyfriend casually mentioned the other night that he really wants to quit smoking, apropos of nothing. I was shocked, but didn't want to jump all over it - we talked a little bit about the pros and cons of nicotine gum before he went out to, of course, have a cigarette. I'm not sure where to go from here - it's so important to handle this gingerly; I know if I push, as I was planning, it could be disastrous. But the fact that it's something he's thinking about is a huge step in the right direction. 

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