Monday, February 2, 2015

Opening Night

My event opened for the year last night. I have never cut things so close financially - in fact, I didn't technically "make it" as my bank account is -$71 (following a frantic attempt to deposit a gig check on my phone Saturday night so my mortgage payment wouldn't "bounce" this morning - the stupid check deposit is still "pending" as of tonight, so bounce it did). I also owe $5000 on my credit card, still have to pay my second property tax payment, and have a few utilities pending. I played fast and loose just to make it to Feb 1, but I did it. Didn't go further into debt and didn't borrow from anyone but myself. 

AND opening night was a huge success. About 80 people snapped up my first two pricing tiers in a couple of hours - just to get some perspective, I have had years when one person signed up on opening night. So, 80 people is frigging awesome. It means I have enough to pay all of these bills and live until about mid-April, by which time I will have made enough to make it to summer, and so it goes. 

I had terrible anxiety all day yesterday as I always do on opening night, convinced something would prevent me from sitting down on my computer and linking the registration system to my web page - a car accident, power outage, Internet down, crying baby, vomiting toddler - but none of those things happened. I sat down with a nice cold glass of water and my computer, hit "save", and watched the fireworks. It was a good night.


  1. Congratulations!!! What a relief!

    And wow, Theo looks so different! More hair, more human person and less baby, totally cute!

  2. Oh yay! So happy for good news!

    And holy cow he's getting big!

  3. Wow! Glad opening night went well. Great pic!

  4. Glad it was a success!!! Love the photo