Sunday, January 18, 2015


I believe I am experiencing a nursing strike. Last night T did not want his pre-bedtime nurse; he flailed and screamed. I assumed he was overtired; he had eaten so I figured he just needed sleep. Slept well all night. Then this morning - same thing; angry screaming and turning away, pushing my nipple angrily and not wanting it anywhere near him. It even took a while to calm him down because he was so upset. I was pretty full and uncomfortable all day, but there was no moment to pump so I tried another pre-bedtime nurse (no dice) and then pumped out 5 oz once everyone was asleep. 

I've googled and posted on my various FB groups and all I can think is it's either a) teething (his eye teeth are coming in which were a bear for Bumpus but in a totally different way), b) he's just done with the boob and I need to let him be, or c) some unknown (ear infection, sickness, I taste weird, he's weirded out by sleeping in the attic, etc etc). 

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, though, except for the change in sleeping arrangements, but we've been in separate rooms for ages. And he's eating well and not tugging on his ears or acting sick or out of sorts at all. Bobby was momentarily freaked out when I stopped wearing the silicone nipple shields and my nipple texture changed, but he got over it very quickly. So, what's up with my youngest???

It doesn't bother me much other than it doesn't fit into my plan for when I wanted to wean him...and I am worried I am overlooking something potentially important or serious (sickness of some kind). As long as I have a pump I can at least relieve the discomfort which is considerable (for those who don't know, at best it's that unsettling feeling of being constipated and out of sorts - at worst it's extremely painful). But he just gets so upset when I even try; tonight I just started to pull my shirt up and he started screaming and tried to launch himself off the bed to get away from me. You would think I drew a scary face on my boob like that character in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Anyway, all I can do is keep trying. Maybe I'll take him to the ped. But if he's over it and eating food well...maybe it's time to let it go.

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  1. Calliope never had a true nursing strike, though she went through a period of not much interest. But her interest came back.

    I've heard of nursing in the dawn hours, before baby is fully awake, to help with this. But I don't know if it's worth it to you to interrupt your sleep!

    Good luck, whatever you decide.