Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First of many parent-teacher meetings

I had my very first parent-teacher conference today. I was curious how B is at school and also wanted to talk about potty training. I stress out when I see moms of younger boys bragging about how they are "fully potty trained!" and always wonder if there's something I'm supposed to be doing that I'm not. I still have this weird memory of going to some acting school when I was a kid (about six maybe?) and my mother coming into the one-stall bathroom with me just so she could go, too, and the other kids teasing me incessantly about how I supposedly still needed my mother to help me in the bathroom. I don't want it to get to the point where B feels like he's behind the other boys in that area (although I know he's young yet).

They said he's showing signs of interest but isn't there yet - not remaining dry for any significant portion of the day and showing only sporadic interest in the potty (just like at home). So at least I don't have to feel like he's ready and I'm failing him somehow. He has only just in the past few days asked me to change him. He's getting there. 

Otherwise they gave a glowing report and said he's a joy to have in class - his language is a bit behind but since he's progressing all the time they're not concerned about it. It's just not his strong point. I can live with that.

I was curious about his pushing/possessiveness of toys, but they seemed to think this was normal. It does make me wonder how they address the parents of the "bad" kids - in today's hypersensitive environment I somehow don't see them saying, "so, your kid is the class bully," but if they don't bring it up, how would you know...? I definitely wonder about the class dynamics and how all the kids relate to each other. But there isn't a polite way to ask that really. 

In other news, as the open enrollment period draws ever near for health insurance (11/15), much to my chagrin, I discovered that the Kaiser guy who told me I could get all three of us under my awesome plan if I just inflated my income a little, turned out to be utterly full of shit. I would have to make $55,000 to get the kids off MediCal, and at that point our premiums would be out of control expensive. So I am back to plan A which is getting Bobby back on Kaiser paying full price out of pocket. So instead of saving $300+ a month I will be paying $100 more than I am paying now. As mentioned before, I just can't seem to catch a break financially lately. 

Operation Mom Sleeps on the Couch is going swimmingly. The last couple of nights T has slept all night without waking. Unfortunately my sleep still sucks since I have trouble falling asleep, wake up multiple times a night, and then pop awake before 7 AM (thanks to the time change). So at the moment I'm worse off than I was before. But I will continue this plan and, if all goes as it has been, wend my way back to the bed and see if T stays asleep or if my presence starts waking him again. If not, it's couch city for me for a while yet.

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  1. Yeah for a great first parent-teacher meeting! It's so great to learn your kid is as awesome as you think he is.