Sunday, October 5, 2014

Havin' a heat wave

We're on the tail end of yet another wicked heat wave. I went into this weekend full of dread, facing a deadly combo of triple digit temperatures and no plans. And had I written last night it would have been a very different post. But luckily we got a last minute invite to a birthday party today where we had a nice time, and it killed the whole day, so I came home feeling pretty content instead of my usual exhausted and crabby.

I am sooooo looking forward to fall. I don't know what fall is supposed to look like in Southern California anymore - we had no fall nor winter last year at all, just one impossible endless dry summer. Time was when winter meant icy nights and rain every few days. Now...I don't know. 

I just can't catch a break financially. Last night I checked my credit card balance on the assumption that I was doing a decent job keeping my expenses down, preparing to pat myself on the back...and was horrified to see that with three weeks  in my billing cycle still left, I owe over $3000! Apparently a "pending" charge from the hotel I thought I covered with my last payment was not covered. Ughhhh. So now my money will run out even sooner than expected - I should be flat broke by December. Sucks. I did find a way to borrow from myself interest-free, it will just cost me later...but I'm not worried about later. Some older male friends I told about my price increase plans told me I need to tick them up even higher, that I shouldn't just aim to make enough to just get by. They're so right. See? Think like a man.

Things have been good with me and Bobby. He repeats everything I say, imitates my gestures, thinks everything I think is funny or cool is funny and cool, treats the baby the way I treat the baby (kisses, pats on the bottom, etc). As much as I look forward every day to the day these boys are older, I also dread the day they don't think things I like are cool and that I magically know everything. I never stopped revering my mother (or at least her impeccable taste), so it's possible they won't one day think I'm a big dork. But I won't count on it.

I raised the straps on B's car seat and bingo! No more escaping. Thank god for google, huh?


  1. Oh no, sorry for the financial hit. Hoping you catch a break...

  2. Raising your prices even higher sounds pretty brilliant to me! You could always offer some "specials" to lessen the sting to long time customers... with the added bonus of getting them to pay early.

    I agree that you shouldn't have to be just barely scraping by, or worse.

  3. You have three people to support and a business. For all the work and stress you put into it, you should be getting a heck of a lot more out of it. You're lucky to have work you love (right?) and can control. Think like a business woman and make it work for you.

  4. Determine the salary you need/deserve and work backwards from there to determine ticket prices.