Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post Script

Operation Bumpus Sits and Eats is going fairly well. I have been able to convince him that he must sit while eating. He doesn't always eat what I offer him, and the "are you done?" game still goes on longer than I'd like. It's a work in progress. But I think I am definitely onto something - two-year-olds are perfectly capable of sitting at a table and eating nicely. We just have to "train" them the same way we train them to sleep and use the potty. Anyway my frustration level has decreased significantly in this area, and that's excellent!

The Operation Theo Sleeps is kind of falling apart - but that one I can't do much about, since apparently he's too young and little to actually sleep all night yet. He still goes right to sleep when I put him down at 6:30 - but unlike at first when he would sleep until 1 or even 3 AM, now he routinely wakes around 11 PM and is up just about every couple of hours after, meaning I pretty much get no sleep at all since I'm doing about five feeds a night. He's just cranky and inconsolable from about 5 AM on - I try the boob, I try a pacifier, I try burping, but no luck. It could be he just wants to start his day, and I don't want him to. Each night I hope he'll go back to sleeping a little more/longer; it may just be a growth spurt or, again, his body adjusting for how little he gets to eat during the day. Either way I'm pretty worn out. I think when B starts preschool I may use the time to just take some long daytime naps!

Had a pretty stressful visit to friends in Santa Barbara on Memorial Day. I had no plans at all the entire weekend, which normally would send me into a pit of despair, but honestly I was so tired of running around like a maniac that I actually looked forward to a little alone time with no need to be anywhere. I talked friends into planning a bar b q, and it was great to see them, but it's just stressful being out of your comfort zone with a toddler; we sat out in an open area of their complex and Bumpus just ran all over the place and didn't play with their four-year-old as I'd hoped, so I spent the whole time chasing him and dragging him kicking and screaming away from the gated pool area which was all he was really interested in. He also kept pushing their sweet nine-month-old who of course wanted her toys back, making her fall and cry, and making me have to grab him and scold him over and over. It sucked. Thank god parents understand! 

The couple that lost their baby girl days after T was born was there. I can't imagine how awful they felt being around other people's babies. They are far braver than I.

Still, we had a surprisingly good day today even though we were mostly at home. I think B may be as fed up as I am with being out all the time; after lunch I asked him if he wanted to go out to a park but he instead went to the back door. Against my better judgment I let him outside...where the pool is...but amazingly he listened when I told him not to go to that area and instead enjoyed playing in his sand box and with his tricycle. And he was even willing to take a bath after, and I got his scary Howard Hughes-style toenails clipped, and he actually sat and ate most of the little "burger" I made him for dinner. So...good day, right?

In other news, I finally got off my ass and fired my former floor rental guy in favor of a new floor rental guy. It had been hanging over me for months, bugging me every single day, until finally I just pussed out and sent an email rather than calling, since it is true that babies and small children make phone calls pretty near impossible. Thankfully he answered right away and was very gracious about it. This is someone I've paid $12,000 a year for more than a decade. I hate taking business away from people - I'm sure the loss of my contract is going to hurt. But I have to move on to the better deal, you know?

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