Friday, November 1, 2013

Stuff, Part II

My mood has been astoundingly good since my meltdown last week. I can legitimately blame hormones for this roller coaster, right??? Now I feel like myself. I don't know what came over me last Monday. I blame the music.

Tonight I spent some rare quality time with my computer. I try to never use it unless it's something I can't do on my phone. One thing I can't do from my phone (I don't think) is work on Amazon wish lists. I need to update B's for Christmas and his birthday, take off all the books and DVDs I no longer want from my own wish list, and start a registry for baby Theo. So I got those tasks done (mostly) tonight.

Can I just say what a pleasure it is to work on a baby registry when you know from experience what you actually use??? It's AWESOME. I remember last time I had a LOT of anxiety about "stuff", and rightfully so - so much of the stuff I got I never used. And I hate not using things, almost as much as I hate having to figure out what to do with the things I haven't used. The only thing I'm having a hard time selecting is a baby monitor - I never used one with B because he was always in my room with me, but babysitters could really have used one, so I would like to invest in an IPhone compatible monitor. I have to do a lot more research first, though. That's a big ticket item. The other stuff, though - I just need another Brest Friend, a double stroller, some Halo swaddlers, a diaper genie (I'm waving the white flag with my cute vintage diaper pail - it positively REEKS), and...that's kind of it. Mom Guru gave me a ton of newborn clothes so I am set there, and if I do have a shower (I hope...?) I'm sure I'll get lots of clothes anyway. It's just such a joy to know exactly what you need for a baby, and realize, yeah - not much!

B's room is still not done, of course. The doors are hung but not finished; lots of little details still to do. I have to say, I love the look of the doors. Especially the new kitchen door which has a window in it and which festered in my shed all this time and I'm finally using. I cannot wait to set everything up in B's room. I never did get to set up a proper nursery that B would spend any time in, so this is kind of my chance - he will sleep in there, get dressed in there, hopefully play in there. I'm excited. Probably not 'til next week, though. I'll take pictures.

In other news, was semi convinced I was in pre-term labor last night. I'm still not entirely convinced I'm not; I'm Braxton Hicks-ing all over the place, but only when I sit a certain way (in the car, or the glider). Obviously I'm not overly concerned - I know Braxton Hicks start around now and it's totally normal. I just think last time I didn't know what this feeling was, but now I do, so I'm more aware of it. Last time I remember I'd been having Braxton Hicks for months before I could pinpoint what they were. That odd tightening of the belly along with a tingling along your skull - there's really nothing quite like it. And they're nothing like actual labor. But I'm just in that funny in-between zone where I'm just pregnant enough but still three weeks from any kind of viability - and at the point where things seem to go fatally wrong for a lot of people. So it's a bit nerve wracking.

I have two - count 'em, TWO - movie dates with girlfriends this weekend, while B goes to play at the Baby Kennel. Boy do I need it!


  1. If it's not too huge, you can have my twin brestfriend. And I have a diaper pail I only used for a couple of weeks with a new box of liners - Munchkin brand I think, if you want that.

    I can work on my wish list and registry from the Amazon app on my Andriod based phone. Not sure about iphones though.

    Glad the doors are looking good. I am sure that will be helpful.

  2. What a collection of stuff on the floor -- all those pots plus... roller skates?

    Toddlers are hilarious.

    So glad you are feeling better from your bout of depression! What caused it to lift do you think?

    1. I blame hormones - and maybe I just needed a good sob!