Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Countdown to The Big Island

Everything in my life right now is about two things - my price increase for my event happening tomorrow night, and then my trip to Hawaii the following day.

It's been a busy time. Right about now is when my event becomes a full time job. Numbers are very good - but big events come with big problems. My room block at the hotel has sold out, which means I have several hundred people who are used to booking their rooms at the last minute who are going to be sorely disappointed - and who will expect me to do something about it. So far the hotel has been happy to add rooms. I'm just hoping this will hold up at least for the duration of my trip.

I leave for what was supposed to be my birthday/anniversary trip with my boyfriend on Thursday; instead I'm taking my friend Nancy. He is super bummed but, after all, he's the one who told me to find someone else to take. Thankfully I did, and have spent weeks on TripAdvisor looking for things to do. We're doing a nighttime manta ray snorkel and a fancy dinner on my actual birthday on Sunday and hopefully lots of beaches and volcano hiking. The forecast looks like nothing but rain for our entire trip which doesn't thrill me, but hey. Can't look a free trip in the mouth, right?

Theo has decided he wants to sleep up in the top bunk with his brother. It scares the crap out of me because he still falls a lot and I can just picture him tumbling out of there. But, just try ripping a screaming two-year-old out of a top bunk and keeping him down in his bed on the floor at ten o'clock at night...I, for one, do not have the energy. 

Things are good with the BF. He planned a nice belated birthday party for me at a cool local bowling alley the weekend after I get back. I'm having a much better time with him since I adjusted my attitude. 

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  1. I'm glad things are continuing on a positive trend with the BF and I'm terribly envious of the adults only trip to Hawaii!!! Enjoy! Post lots of pics!