Thursday, March 31, 2016

Freedom or bust

Well, so far my "week of freedom" has been a complete bust. Monday the preschool called me to pick up Theo early because he had a fever, so I picked up both kids and monitored his fever which was alarmingly high - 102.8 - but was mostly gone by the next day. Then as I picked up B from school on Tuesday the teacher pointed out what I had already started to notice - the bumps on Bobby's face were back, plus the red, bloody crusty nose which I had attributed to allergies. I opted to take him to the doctor Weds rather than have him sent home. So yesterday it was mommy & Bobby day (first one ever) as Theo went to school and we spent the day at the doctor's office. Turns out he tested positive for strep. Got him antibiotics again. Then went for frozen yogurt and to buy a new end table.

Being alone with a four year old is awesome. You don't need a stroller, you can talk to them, they (mostly) listen and help you. Bobby is just starting to be easier as Theo is starting to be more difficult. I was sadly reminded of how much easier life would be with just one older child. But that's not the life I chose, is it?

Today, much to my chagrin, I am stuck at home with both kids and nothing to do as Bobby is not allowed back at school until tomorrow. They are alternately playing together nicely and then destroying everything, including each other. Only six more hours!

If all goes well, they can at last both be at school tomorrow and I can see a friend for lunch and then go shopping. At least I get one dream day, right???

Here is B playing with his science set and pouring water all over the kitchen floor, which I repeatedly have to mop up. *sigh*

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  1. Two sick kids at the same time is highly unfair!

    But I'm amused that that serene photo of Bobby that you posted on FB actually involved lots of kitchen mopping.