Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend shenanigans

More "family time" this weekend. Yesterday we went to the Redondo Beach pier and took the kids on some cute toddler-friendly rides (I wish I could post the video from my phone; Theo's face was priceless) and then on a glass bottom boat ride, something I never would attempt on my own. Which again kind of bums me out on a variety of levels when I see how much easier life is with two sets of adult hands. Taking on two small children entirely on your own is ballsy as hell but it sure is exhausting, and sometimes, as we saw on my ill-fated trip to Hawaii last summer, entirely impossible.

We went to a Halloween themed birthday party of his friends' on Sat night. Guess who we were?

His ex-wife was there. She was a very warm, lovely woman who introduced herself as "wife number 2" and gave me a long hug. I think the biggest thing in this guy's favor is the fact that he is on really good terms with all of his exes (two wives and many girlfriends). To me that says a lot. They all comment positively on our Facebook pictures and say they're happy for him. I don't think all of my exes would do the same.

I am adulting hard this week. Chimney sweep, termite inspection, and contractor estimate to rebuild my rotting porch this week; skin cancer check and general doctor appointment set which will also include a long overdue Pap smear, a flu shot, and probably a referral for my first mammogram. Hello, middle age!


  1. He's a keeper and anatural with the kids too!!

  2. You guys dress up nicely! It looks like he's an easy addition to your family - a real natural with the boys!

  3. That is a huge great check mark that he's on good terms with his exs. That is very telling to his character. So Does he have a brother who happens to live in Canada? Ontario preferably? ;)