Friday, December 12, 2014

Making a list & checking it twice

Ok, Christmas is officially less than two weeks away. So far I have managed to:

Make a batch of peppermint fudge
Make a batch of English toffee
Make 20 red coconut balls and 20 green coconut balls
Make a batch of peppermint bark
Buy a tree and decorate the house 
Send out 50 Christmas cards
Get Christmas pajamas for the kids
Get Bobby's required outfit for his Christmas pageant 
Get all presents for the kids (well, let's be honest...Bobby)

I have yet to:
Mail presents to out of town relatives
Make a felt stocking for Theo
Get a Santa pic with the kids
Do any crafts such as make ornaments
Do any work on B's scrap book
Make cookies for book club cookie exchange 

...while simultaneously staying on top of cleaning, laundry, cooking, groceries, home repairs and maintenance, babysitting inquiries, my business, mailing out Christmas orders of our band's CDs, and navigating my precarious finances (when/how/how much to pay/deposit, which bills to defer until after Feb 1). Oh, and all this while keeping Bobby from killing his baby brother (today first thing in the morning Bobby announced he was "going to hit baby" and proceeded to walk into the bedroom and smack the baby's head hard before I could stop him. Suffice it to say what happened as a consequence was not good. This is what my life is now). 

But in happier news, yesterday was Bobby's first Christmas show. It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever. I wish the Blogger app would let me upload videos; here is a still I took of him with his class singing a little song about Santa with requisite hand gestures. He did great (as did the other kids - I don't know how they got these kids to perform like that; I can't even get B to put his socks on) and I was so proud of him. 

He also has gotten very into random songs I've been singing and loves to watch videos of them on my phone - one being Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" and the other The Andrews Sisters "The Pennsylvania Polka" and "Sonny Boy". These are the moments, people. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of Bobby as an older child - just in a look or a gesture - and get a feel of just how nice life is going to be when all this little kid hell is over. I hope when it is I can remember that even at two Bobby and I did have some really nice times together.


  1. You have accomplished so much! More than I would in a dozen Christmases!

  2. Impressive achievements! Considering you are SAHM with two very small ones, especially!

    Would you consider possibly lowering the bar? I never mail gifts to anyone, ever, even before having kids. If I absolutely must mail a gift, Amazon does a great job! You have much higher standards than me! (I would also never make all those treats, unless, of course, I really wanted to eat them.)

  3. I'm incredibly amazed at how much you've accomplished! All that baking! I wouldn't even know where to begin... Jordyn and I baked Hanukkah cookies last weekend, and while they turned out fairly good, I was texting pics to my mom asking "does this look right??"... I don't know how you get that much done while wrangling B. I can't get ANYTHING done with J around and awake!