Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just hang on, man!

Being an avid podcast listener, one of my favorite ones involves an interview with Marc Maron in which he describes a bad acid trip at a concert, from which he is talked down by a fellow tripper who tells him to "just hang on, man!" He said this had become somewhat of a life mantra for him. It has become for me, too (when I'm not chanting ihatethisihatethisihatethis...hare Rama).

A couple of pleasant days and all of a sudden the world looks brighter. Had a nice beach day with a friend (everything is so much easier with another set of hands...and I fucking hate admitting that). Bobby starts Monday- Wednesday-Friday preschool next week. I finally made a dent in my post-event boxes and gathered up a room full of baby stuff to donate to a children's hospital next week. So things are looking up.

Thanks for all your helpful potty training comments. I ordered a couple of potties, training underwear, and some accident cleanup stuff on amazon. I'm not sure what kind of tactic I'm going to take, but I'm leaning towards slow and chill - hey, let's sit on the potty! No? Ok, later then. I'm in no hurry. But I do feel I should at least try.

Bobby is talking more and more and reading together, singing songs and sharing jokes have become a daily high point for us. Theo is grabbing and pushing off and is minutes from sitting up and crawling. I want to squeeze them both until they morph back into my body.

Here's another rare shot of the three of us:


  1. Love the photo!! Soon the good days will out number the bad. Good plan to go slow & chill with the potty training. It'll be better for all of you.