Monday, April 28, 2014

Six Weeks

A lot of things happen at six weeks in a baby's life, and in the mom's life. 

Theo has plumped up a bit. Yesterday we nursed without the shield successfully for the first time after many failed attempts, and have not used it since. Whew! One less thing to wash, pack up and keep track of. The down side - nursing now hurts like hell. Hopefully that will pass because I don't need another reason to put off nursing each day.

I left Theo with the sitter for the first time last night, and he did just great. Took the bottle with no problems and was contentedly in her arms suckling his paci when I got home. She commented that I have the "calmest, most mellow" kids, which of course made my heart soar.

I had my post partum appointment last week which for me is officially the end of the birth process, as it's the last time I will see this midwife and the last time anyone will be up in my hoo-ha until it's time for my next gyn checkup. I didn't strip as asked by the nurse and instead sat fully clothed with the baby strapped on me because I wasn't sure where to put him - when she saw me like this she got kind of snippy with me and said, "I do have other patients". I guess it was dumb of me to just sit there with my clothes on, but between you and me I'm kind of glad I'm not going to see her for a while. She has a very nervous energy that always put me on edge. Anyway I checked out pretty well except for a bit of redness that I could have told you was there from how much it stings when I pee. This is surely a result of not having been able to really rest or recover. Oh well. Such is the life of a second time mom.

The sitter mentioned she got some smiles out of T - which I have not had yet, and the sad reason why is he is always in the carrier, in the carseat, or swaddled with a pacifier. It sucks that I don't get to lie on the bed with him and stare at him for hours like I did Bumpus...but...I really don't know how to get through the days except how I've been, by basically making the baby disappear while Bumpus is up and about, and then after B is in bed, having T be swaddled and ready for bed, too, so I can have dinner and work. Sigh. Sorry, baby T. I swear I'll make it up to you one of these days. 


  1. He's even cuter in real life. :)

  2. OMG those eyes. Huge and beautiful!

    Glad things went well with the sitter.

    And that midwife sounds like she ought to find another line of work!

  3. What a cutie!!!! Adding your blog to my list of good reads. Can't wait to learn more about your journey and get some sage advice from those who have done this before!

  4. Good for you for getting out and leaving him with a sitter for the first time. Good for him for doing so well!