Saturday, April 5, 2014


Not much to report except that things are going well. So far, as I'd hoped, having two small children is a lot easier than I'd anticipated, mostly due to a few factors - during the day I pretty much only nurse Theo in the car either when we arrive somewhere or as we're about to leave, so I don't have to worry about chasing down B with a baby on my boob; baby wearing around the house; and keeping my time with B strictly 9 am - 6 pm so I get some time to myself. These things are life savers. 

Every morning B bounds out of his room and clambers on to my bed so he can see Theo and pat his head. Today I let B hold T for a few seconds in his stroller and the look of utter delight on his face was priceless. I'll get a picture of this when I feel like I can safely pull out my phone!

There are a few annoying things - B has decided he won't be using his high chair anymore and so squirms and runs around during meals which drives me batty; also has decided his hair is the best place to wipe dirty food-covered hands; also refuses to wear a bib so every outfit gets covered with a cascade of food. 

But my friends buried their baby girl yesterday so I kind of don't feel like complaining about anything...ever again. I didn't go despite having been personally invited; there was no way to arrange child care, and I wouldn't want to be away from T this soon anyway, and bringing him would have felt awful. Theo, the one who made it. People who went said it was a rough day. 

Someone on my smc Facebook group gave birth - miscarried - at nearly 17 weeks. She said she was numb and may not try again. It just reminds me how lucky I am - we are - who have living children, despite the odds. I don't kid myself that it's anything other than luck that has me sitting here with two beautiful kids, believe me.


  1. Oh, yes--sometimes I am brought to my knees with guilt/gratitude (yes, a combination) when I witness the grief of others. My heart breaks for those moms.

  2. You do have two beautiful kids. I hope your friends are able to find some peace, eventually. We really are so very, very lucky.

  3. We ARE lucky.

    And that's a gorgeous photo. Frame it!

  4. Yes, we are lucky. Thanks for the perspective.