Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This morning's experiment with Bumpus Plays in His Room Alone kind of worked, until it didn't. I was happy that at least after giving him some snacks, a clean diaper (pull ups worked well, btw), a cuddle and an explanation of what was about to happen, he didn't issue a peep and seemed quite happy in there for quite a while...until he wasn't. Needless to say I was a ball of nerves the whole time, and had a contractor coming over at 8:30 AM, so there was zero sleep or even rest to be had. But hey, at least I tried.

And will continue to try. I think it's worth a shot to see if this scheme is even possible. If it were as simple as just going to bed early I would have done that ages ago and his 6 AM wake ups would be a non-issue. Unfortunately I have work-related functions that keep me out until midnight or later at least once a week, sometimes more. So those mornings after are miserable, and trying to adjust to being in bed asleep by 10 is just physically impossible when every week I'm required to be driving home for an hour or more at 1 AM. 

So for now I'll keep trying the "play in your room" method for a few more days. At least now I know I can stash him in there for a few minutes so I can shower in the morning again which would be awesome. I really despise showering at night. Although it does make my sheets fresh and shampoo-y. 

Handyman came around today to install more cabinet latches. I decided I can't handle his tearing apart the whole kitchen several times a day. There's always this fine line between being the crazy control freak mom and the loose "the world is your playground" mom. I guess we all just have to find our comfort level in this department. I came to realize stooping over to put away my banged-up, dirty (after he stepped in them) pans fifty times a day, with a big pregnant belly and when he doesn't even seem to enjoy playing with them but instead just dumps everything and then runs off to find something else to dump, simply does not work for me. So, call me the mean mommy. I'm already about 50% more relaxed knowing those cabinets are now out of bounds. 

I have also secured the broom closet so he can no longer pull out the broom and whack me in the back of the head with it when I least expect it. Yesss. I will get this child to play with his actual toys if it kills me.

People love to issue platitudes like "you don't need toys, just let them play with real life objects". Oh, how I wish this were true. Unfortunately I have recently discovered the following: most (modern) toys, unlike adult objects, are designed to protect against cuts, choking, poisoning, strangulation, falling and poking an eye out, etc. Also, you may not so much want your enthusiastic toddler "playing with" (read: banging, smashing, chewing, throwing, slobbering on) your adult objects, like books, keys, phones, remotes, etc. One TV programmed to Spanish forever or car alarm going off at 6 AM and you'll see what I mean. Oh, and that cute toddler banging your pot lids together on the kitchen floor? It might look sweet on camera but it's not so fun to live with the splitting headache that racket causes, nor discover that your pot lids are now all bent and won't fit on your pans anymore. Good times. I say bring on the toys. And awesome, Big Boy-style independent play.


  1. Having to do improved child-proofing here too. My big-boy is into everything now. Agh! I hope that the experiment improves your sleep situation soon. I thought maybe we had readjusted to a later wake-up after two great mornings, only to have them up even earlier this morning. But mine still nap (twice a day!).

  2. Oops, I commented on your last post before reading this one. I still think expecting B to play by himself without getting himself into trouble for more than 20-30 minutes at a time isn't the best solution, as it just isn't developmentally-appropriate - meaning, he shouldn't be able to do that at this age, so it's kinda not fair to expect him to. But hey, if it works...! I just switched positions at work to not have to work late night anymore, because I realized it was a horrible job for a single parent. I realize you likely can't change your job or the late nights, but my point is that I get it! I think the babyproofing will at least help. I got the little latches that stick on and Jordyn hasn't figured out how to open them (yet), but it sure made it simple to keep her out of cabinets I didn't want her in! Again, good luck... this is a tough one.

  3. Way to go on the babyproofing! I totally support that. I do not think that Bumpus "needs" to have free reign over YOUR kitchen.

    I keep a rubber dishpan with tupperware on a low shelf and that is the only kitchen stuff that Calliope is allowed to play with. No negotiations. Uh uh.