Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Night

It's only 7:30 so this night is far from over - it's only just begun. But B is, for now, asleep in his own room. I am completely paranoid about all noise and have been tiptoeing and whispering (to myself) for the last hour, which is beyond silly. I was going to just hang out in my room tonight so he wouldn't be disturbed by the noise from the living room, but decided like everything else in this process it's best to just go for it. So far so good.

To put him to sleep I just walked him in there in his pjs, sang him his goodnight song ("Now it's Kinda Time to Go to Sleep"), and attempted to lay him down on the bed. No go. He was breathing heavily and distressed and kept trying to get off the bed, not understanding what was going on. I went out to rinse his toothbrush and he completely lost it, so I just lay down with him on the bed for about a half hour until he fell asleep, then tiptoed out. I think he woke up a few minutes ago and then went back to sleep, which is a good sign. 

I have no idea how the rest of this night will go. Last night even in the familiarity of his pack 'n play in my bedroom he suddenly woke up hysterical around 11 PM and when I went in he had climbed up onto my bed and was perched there. It made me nervous about doing the switch tonight - but again, there's no time like the present, right? I've waited a long time for the opportunity to move B into his own space and I'll be damned if I'm going to sabotage it now. 

This is another one of those milestones that are now permanently met - much like feeding him real adult food, he'll never go back to breast milk. He's in a real bed in his own room - where he'll be until he moves out. The next big one is potty training which I have no intention of attempting any time soon, and then entrusting him to the LA school system every day. One giant leap forward, huh?

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  1. Good luck tonight! I bet it won't be long before his new room feels like "his" and yours is old news.