Sunday, November 3, 2013

Braxton Hicksing

I was Braxton Hicksing all over the place yesterday. It really had me worried, and had me looking up "signs of preterm labor" again and again and wondering if I should drag B out of bed and go to the emergency room. In the end I tried to remember what I'd had to drink all day and realized it was a cup of tea in the morning and just a couple of mouthfuls of water during the day - no wonder! I had a bottle of water and immediately the almost constant contractions stopped and haven't been heard from since. So yet another thing I'm going to have to do better. I've been reluctant to really fill my
bladder lately because when I sneeze (and I sneeze all day long) and have a full
bladder, I pee my pants. And not just a little squirt - a full-on accident wherein I have to change my underwear and pants. Now I get those commercials for Depends which depict a woman joyfully jumping on a trampoline saying, "I've had four kids!"

Bumpus' room can't be ready fast enough. I'm soooo tired of him pulling apart my whole bedroom in the morning. I was hoping I'd get an extra hour of sleep due to the time change, but of course not - he had me up at 6:45, and would not be satiated by cartoons; he was a ball of energy today, just ripping the whole room apart until I finally gave in and got up to make him breakfast. Now we're up in the playroom where he can horse around at will. I don't know that he'll even want to spend time in his room - he usually wants to be where I am. But I figure if I put all the fun things in there...maybe...? He seemed very content sitting at a kid's table at a friend's party the other day and messing around with crayons - I'm not quite ready to unleash him on the world of objects that make marks, but I did just order him some of those markers that only write on a special mat. I can live with that. Maybe, just maybe, I can sneak out for a shower...?

I'm also so glad he'll have a playmate in the next couple of years. As noted I completely suck in that department, so the idea of two boys who can play together is awesome. Just thinking about being able to go to a playground and be able to sit and watch rather than follow him around on the damned thing to make sure he doesn't crack open his skull - heaven!

Finally have made some decisions regarding my upcoming event and who to hire. I will send out all offers next week and see what I can get. Nothing would quash my anxiety better than having my event set up and ready to go for next year. In other news, I have been sending out DVDs for this German couple for nearly ten years as a little side job, and this week they wrote to tell me they're closing their shop. This has been coming for some time so honestly I'm somewhat relieved - I sure could use the space their DVDs and old VHS currently take up in my office, and with a new baby the job will be very stressful. But this does also
mean I am now out a guaranteed $200 + in income a month for something I only have to deal with every other week or so. Still, it isn't bothering me like I'd been expecting - I guess because I know I need to simplify my life now, and although it'll hurt now to not have that money, someday when things turn around I won't even notice. Sunrise, sunset, huh?


  1. I am so grateful my kids have built in playmates. I don't think they would be as independent players without each other.

  2. Glad the contractions were easily stopped. I hear you re the 'extra hour' - no chance of it here either, but after a week or so BB has adjusted. Hope it happens soon for you too

  3. Great pic! Your house looks incredibly tidy :-) Glad the contractions stopped.