Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Last night, when it was clear all was lost, I went out on my porch and screamed as loudly as I could, "fuck you, you fucking piece of shit!!!"

I was screaming at Drumpf. But I was also screaming at that old white guy who told me I'd better constantly smile or be removed from the stage. I was screaming at all the old white guys who pinched and patted my ass as I was learning to swing dance. I screamed at the MANY men who have blatantly jerked off in front of me on subways, on the street, and in movie theaters. I screamed at the THOUSANDS of men who have made insulting sexist comments to me on the street with the sole aim of making me feel small. I screamed at the mechanics and contractors who have taken advantage of me because I'm a woman. I screamed at the Indian teenagers who yanked me into photos with them at the Taj Mahal and then pushed me away without so much as a hello or a thank you, because I am a woman and therefore an object they can use and throw away with impunity. 

I screamed until my throat was sore and my stomach churned. And just like this country, my screams fell on deaf ears, and nobody cared. They just evaporated into the dark night.



  1. You and every other woman with a brain. Last night was the roughest night I've had in a while.

  2. That was awful... is awful. I'm still in shock.

  3. I feel like my community is an island. I didn't know a soul who supported Trump. I'm thankful to be surrounded by like minded people, I hope that they make the next four years better. I'm so glad my child is too little to know what a mess we are in. There's just nothing to make this better.

  4. Shocked here too - how can any self-respecting woman pr man have voted for him? Its mind-boggling. I have never cried over an election - I did today. Worried about what our country will look like.

  5. A devastating day for America.

  6. It was a total kick in the gut, in the teeth, and everywhere else it hurts. I'm on a total media blackout because I can't endure discussing the ramifications of this "fuck you" decision our country just made.

    Focusing on my local community and nursing my wounds for now, hoping to rebound next week with new energy to fight for the mid-terms.

    Hope you are finding a bit of solace today...