Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Everything is poop

So, Bobby is having one of his yearly strange constipation/fear of poop episodes, and it is driving me to drink.

It started with him suddenly not pooping in the potty anymore but instead going in his overnight diaper, which was a bit disappointing but I figured was just a minor setback. But then he didn't go for a couple of days, and then...uh oh...started that weird, pained clenching where he refuses to go, but then little bits squeeze out anyway, and then he picks at it all day, and it gets red and sore, and then he won't poop because his butt hurts, and he won't let me wipe it, and then his butt hurts more, and then he's up all night screaming because it hurts. This has been going on for days and I am so fucking over it I could drive us all off a cliff. 

My entire life has been washing out shitty underpants, pleading with and cajoling him to please try to sit on the toilet, please let me clean him up, please let me get some balm in there so at least it won't hurt so much, all of which is met with screaming and crying. This is all we do all day and all night long. It's a fucking nightmare that just never ends. 

What happens when he's at school? Nothing, I'm assuming. He comes home picking his butt and with underwear full of shit I have to clean up, and then he spends all night clenching and screaming and crying. 

Today I snuck some miralax into his water although he hasn't drunk any yet, and have been putting lots of diaper rash cream on his butt (all amidst tons of screaming and crying and refusal) in the vague hopes that it might make things at least somewhat better.

We're supposed to spend all day at the Ventura county fair tomorrow as my sister's visiting and I'm going to pull him out of school so we can spend one day together. Just praying we can make it through. 

I'm so stressed out I'm pulling random muscles and stubbing toes on furniture that hasn't moved position in fifteen years. Stick a fork in me - I'm DONE.


  1. That is just awful. Sounds like he needs an enema - not that he'd let you give him one. Hoping the miralax works.

  2. Oh man. That sounds awful.

    My advice would be medicate, medicate, medicate. Will he take Pedialax? Definitely give Miralax, even if you have to bribe him with some special treat. Just make this as easy on yourself as you can.

    But it sounds awful. I'm sorry.

    We do Miralax once in a while but only because "we" start having frequent pee accidents, seemingly out of the blue, and those seem to be tied to constipation. So then we would do Miralax for a couple weeks or so.

    Better living through chemicals!

  3. I use olive oil on his bum rather than diaper rash cream because the cream, and even vaseline seemed to hurt him now that he is not in diapers anymore. I find it helps! Good luck!