Sunday, July 17, 2016

Look at it!!!

Behold the wonder that is Fire Girl!!!

Today on the Big Island (Hapuna Beach to be exact) I got the worst sunburn of my entire life. This is after conscientiously re-applying my SPF 50 sunscreen several times to avoid this. WTF did they put in that bottle, baby oil with iodine? Jesus Christ. And now I look like a fucking idiot who doesn't know how to apply sunscreen. Good times.

In other news, pretty much everything about this trip has been awesome. Details to follow.


  1. Ouch!!!!

    But so glad the rest of the vacation has been good.

    Still, ouch.

  2. Ouch!! Was the sunscreen expired? What brand was it? No way that should have happened.

  3. Well, that isn't a good way to spend your birthday. If you can get a hold of apple cider vinegar, add it to a cool bath and soak in it and/or use it in compresses. It helps with the pain immensely.
    And, happy birthday!

  4. Our family has tried two different sunscreens this year, both SPF 50. Nothing happens to my 4 year old's skin, it works great for him. The one year old ends up with a tan. I end up with a pink sunburn. This is after following all instructions and reapplying it regularly. I think some of us just respond differently than others. My skin has always been sensitive, and with each pregnancy I seem to burn easier. The baby very obviously has the donor's slightly olive skin complexion.

  5. OUCH! I think it's less the sunscreen and more how close to the equator you are right now, I always burn up fast in Hawaii. I live a few miles from Newport, R.I. and spend the entire summer on the beach here without burning (as long as I use sunscreen.) I burn up after just a few hours on the beach in Hawaii with the same sunscreen.