Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Renovations, part II

Renovations are moving along. We should be finished up by early next week. I must say it's such a relief to finally have the money and wherewithal to do these projects that were all put on hold while I was pregnant, breastfeeding and/or broke. I'm getting to clean and organize rooms that have been ignored for a decade or more. It feels good. 

I have zero experience with living in a place for fifteen years. Growing up we moved practically every year, and always rented. The concept of having to sift through and dispose of decades of accumulated crap is entirely alien to me. Also, the idea of renovating a space multiple times is new. 

This was the latest incarnation of my office. The wall color is an excellent example of my utter lack of taste when it comes to paint colors.

This is the laundry/service porch that will soon be a crazy blue powder room:

In other news, have not seen the BF since Sunday morning, but have been in constant contact. The break has been good for me. He says he has not smoked a single cigarette since Saturday. He also says he called the IRS to make a start on his back taxes. 

Do I think this is it, he's a reformed man, let's full steam to the altar? No, no. But at least for today it's promising news.

I visited with a couple of original jitterbugs who are now in their mid-nineties on Monday. They know the story of me and my children, and in discussing their own marriages, one of them turned to me and said, "see? You had the ideal husband - in a tube!" 

Ha ha, she could be right!

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  1. Great news on the BF! How long do you plan to wait to see him again?

    I'm so proud of you for holding your ground!

    A week sounds like not too bad for all the changes you are making. Fingers crossed there are no more delays. Do you have running water again?