Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show me show me show me

Last Christmas I bought the BF box seat tickets to see The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl. After a five month wait, we at last went to the show last night. Other than crazy traffic making us about a half hour late, it was a magical show, and reminded me how much I once loved that band. 

Thank God for the Bauhauses, Cures, and Smiths of the world that gave voice to teenaged depressives like me. I figured if thirty year old British men could feel just like me, then I'm not totally alone.

Also, I did some serious teenaged making out to songs like "Close to Me". I hadn't realized until last night just how instrumental that band was to my adolescent sexual awakening.

In other news, the BF started the patch today. After the abject failure of the vaporizer, I got him to call 1-800-NO-BUTTS and he did, getting himself set up with a counselor and free nicotine patches. He says he hates the patch and says it never worked for him before - but also admitted to me that he has never quit for more than a few days in the past. Will we be enough incentive for him to finally quit this life long habit??? Only time will tell!

In other news, kids are doing well - I am delighted by how well they play together in their room and how little tension there is between them. There are minor squabbles but for the most part they seem to have a nice rapport. The preschool teachers tell me when they cross paths at school they hug and kiss each other. How awesome is that?

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  1. I love that your boys get along so well and entertain each other. That must be one of the best parts of having two kids!