Wednesday, May 11, 2016


One of the most bizarre facts of modern life is the fact that you can wake up in one country and that night go to bed in another, several thousands of miles away. I did this on Monday. Now it feels like I had this crazy dream that my band went to Seoul and all the dancers were amazing and everyone cried when I sang "Georgia". It's hard to believe any of that happened except that I have the pictures to prove it.

It was such a perfect experience, and perfect experiences are extremely rare in life, so I am going to bask in that. I know even if we go again next year it won't be the same. There can never be another first time, you know?

Re-entry has been smooth. Kids are fine, tackling tons of projects (I hauled three giant boxes of hardwood up to my house today - they have to sit and absorb our smells for two weeks before we can start the laundry room/half bathroom extravaganza), exterminator came today to stem the tide of giant waterbugs invading my bathroom (don't even talk to me about that), made an appointment to get a suspicious mole on my neck checked out (with all the deaths around me lately, I am not messing around with this shit). 

Bobby made me a cute picture and card for The Day That Shall Not Be Mentioned, and The Boyfriend bought me a lovely vintage clock, a book on 1920s music and a card. What a guy. We've really been in a terrific groove lately. For a long time I wondered if he would ever stop feeling like "the other" - partially because he's a man, partially because he's a native Califiornian and I am so not as much as I love it here. But we've been in sync lately. I hope this continues on through to our trip to Hawaii in two months. Ten months together in just a few days. Crazy.

Not much more news about my uncle's tragic death. I am hoping we can all converge when I'm in Boston next month and grieve properly. 

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  1. Wow, seems like your life is in such a great place for you right now! Yay!