Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hippity hop

It's hard to believe I am one week shy of my next band trip - this one being the farthest we've ever gone (Seoul). This will be the case pretty much all year except for August and December; always three weeks away from another trip. Not complaining. It sure does break up the monotony and give you something to look forward to.

I have decided to jump ahead and do my laundry room/powder room conversion. Having one more toilet in this house is increasingly becoming more urgent, and I figure I have the money now so I'd better do it now. I'm not thrilled at 2-4 weeks more of construction around here, but when that's done the two remaining untouched areas of the house will be all new and fabulous; my much outdated and useless office/junk room will be the new laundry room (with a small table to rest my printer and wireless router on) and the current filthy service porch will be a quaint powder room. A couple of days ago I went to a salvage yard and bought a 1950's blue sink and toilet. Fingers crossed I can find the parts for them. Here I am doing my usual "making everything difficult so I can have vintage things" deal. Have I mentioned my first car was a 1962 Falcon that broke down constantly? Enough said.

Today is the second of Bobby's "hippity hop" classes. So far he's learned to jump with his feet apart and his feet together. All righty then.

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