Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baby steps

Two more days until my trip to DC to sing at a big event all weekend. I leave Friday morning and get back late Monday night. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I am also feeling guilty and anxious. What if there's an earthquake? What if the babysitter gets in a car accident? What if the kids get sick? What if they hate me for leaving them?

Well, I signed Bobby up for some bullshit hip hop "enrichment" class at school which should totally make up for my callous abandonment, right???

I have to learn several new songs (some I've never even heard before) which I will have to perform with no rehearsal. And my bandleader hasn't even told me which ones yet. Have I mentioned I'm a little anxious?

Anyway, things have been good around the house. It's amazing how smoothly things go when nobody's sick. Knock wood. Yesterday when I went to pick up B there were whispers of a Hand, Foot and Mouth disease outbreak circulating at the school. Oh, goodie. 

Things going good with the BF. His smoking cessation stalled a bit when his vaporizer started leaking and he stopped using it, but now it's fixed and he's back on it, although he hates it. A friend with a similar lifetime smoking addiction posted on FB that he had finally quit with the help of a low dose of Wellbutrin. I had never heard of this therapy before but it sounds very promising - I love it when drugs turn out to have bizarre other uses, like the cancer drug that helped me get pregnant (Femara). Of course, to get a prescription of Wellbutrin, he has to first get health insurance, which at the moment is totally out of reach. *sigh*. Baby steps.


  1. Rest assured, the kids won't resent you for going away to work. Working moms need to be out of town sometimes, you're showing your love by providing them! They'll appreciate it when they are older! Glad the boyfriend is trying to quit smoking at least!

  2. I want pics of the finished house!

    Wellbutrin has a good rep for smoking cessation. I think. That's great that the boyfriend is sticking to his goal of quitting!

    I'm toying with the idea of traveling with my big one for a long weekend away to a wedding and leaving the baby and it's killing me. Agonizing over it. So no good advice, really. Though I left C a couple weekends when she was 2-3 and she was totally fine and it rejuvenated me like nothing else.