Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Young Master Bobby turns four tomorrow. It's hard to believe that four years ago tonight I was suffering day two of a horrible unwanted induction and right about now lost my shit and started screaming that somebody had better find me a doctor who could come up with a better plan than "let's just wait and see". Ahhhh, memories.

The last week has been a whirlwind of activity, between my sister visiting and Theo starting preschool and the boys' combo birthday party on Sunday. 

She made this cake:

...and this robot from recycling I'd been collecting for this purpose:

I booked an indoor play space for fear of rain which of course did not appear. It was considerably more expensive than our usual train museum, but I have to say I'm kind of sold on the indoor play space. They set up, break down, and decorate for you, you're in and out in two hours, the kids can safely run wild while the parents actually get to socialize, and you don't have to worry about rain. Mind you, I was still a calcified ball of stress leading up to it and the day of, but way less than our usual production. Tons of people canceled at the last minute, but still the place was packed:

It was an interesting mix of preschool parents I'd never met, dance people (many with no kids), and a lone SMC mom and her new baby. There are so many dance kids these days that at one point my friend and I looked at them in amazement and said how strange it was to think that even five years ago none of those kids existed! There for sure has been a massive baby boom in my community lately. Two of my dance friends just had their fourth!

Bobby and Theo had a blast:

...and I entertained myself with my carefully chosen Kraftwerk theme music even though you couldn't really hear it over the screaming. All in all a big success. 

In other news, the day before the party I suddenly got a bug up my ass and told The Boyfriend that I was very worried about his health - mainly his lack of health insurance and his smoking. He reacted defensively at first, but very quickly came around. He said that he hates that the boys see him smoke and it bothers him all the time. He said he's tried to quit many times and failed - but he also knows that you should "never quit quitting". He's been a heavy smoker for 35 years. It is not going to be an easy road. But he is willing to try. We immediately got him a vaporizer and he has cut down from a pack and a half a day to 6-7 a day, with the intention of stopping entirely eventually and then stopping vaping too. I am cautiously optimistic. 

Being cautiously optimistic, I booked us a trip to the big island (Hawaii) for my birthday/our anniversary this July, using mileage points and hotel points (so 100% free). Can I break my Hawaii curse and actually have a good trip this time? Will we break up before we even get to go? Will the kids get sick and I won't be able to go? Will he annoy the crap out of me the whole time? Or will it be awesome?

Only time will tell! 


  1. Happy Birthday Bobby! Looks like an awesome party!!

  2. It looks like the Bobby had a fantastic birthday party!! I always loved indoor planned parties, I hated setting up and breaking down parties.

    Hawaii will be redeemed! It's my favorite place on earth.

  3. Happy birthday boys!!!

    And good on you for telling the truth to the Boyfriend. This is too important to stay silent.