Wednesday, March 9, 2016

End of the tunnel

It is the first day of no more contractors coming over early in the morning. It is also the first day Theo has had a solid poop in a week and a half. And I am extremely grateful for both things.

Woke up Sunday to a lethargic, miserable baby, so me, the kids and The Boyfriend high tailed it to urgent care. After several days of on and off diarrhea, vomiting, and barely eating, of all things he tested positive for strep! The doctor couldn't say if the stomach issues were related to this or not, but we got him on antibiotics and I missed my gig that night to stay with him. 

The next day Bobby was sent home from school because of some suspicious red bumps under his nose that I had attributed to irritation or allergy; turns out this, too, was some kind of bacterial infection, possibly similar to the one T had. He now is also on antibiotics and had to stay home from school yesterday. Theo puked copiously all over the kitchen just as the wallpaperers rang the doorbell. Good times.

They were able to do only an accent wall in my bedroom - the rest of the 80 year old paper disintegrated before they could hang it up. But I actually kind of like having just one wall papered. I can paint the others.

While the cleaning lady was here I took the boys to buy myself a new bed. I ordered a Casper mattress which arrived right on time, and when the BF came over later he helped me "unfurl" it onto the bed. 

My old rickety bed had seen me through two pregnancies, two years of co-sleeping and nighttime feeds, countless spit-ups and diaper blowouts. And now it's in the trash. Sunrise, sunset, eh?

There are a few more details to attend to - turns out I'm going to need a much narrower night table, all new bedding, and I still have to sell several items of furniture and move the remaining pieces back to my bedroom. So we're far from done, and I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money. This all has been a very expensive proposition. But considering how many years we'll live in this configuration, well worth it.

I am down to 140 pounds. Let's see if I can keep this up another month and get down to the 130s and finally fit into the rest of my wardrobe.


  1. Poor baby! All rolled up in his towel. Sweet.

    Congratulations on being ALMOST done with the renovation! It's going to be so worth it!

  2. I am an early education teacher and get strep every couple of years. T's symptoms are typical for his age.
    When I get strep, I pray for death. It's THAT painful! I hope you & Bobby don't catch it.

    I love your writing.

  3. Just had a thought about all the sickness... Maybe test for immune system issues?? I wonder if the boys have lower immunity for whatever reason, and bring it all home to you? Just a random thought - take it or leave it! (I'm not a medical professional!)