Thursday, February 11, 2016

Diet day 4

Well, it's day four of my improvised diet and walking regime. Feeling like I needed some guidance, I started using an app that helps me track calories and exercise to make sure I stay on track. Even with these long sweaty walks every day and feeling like I'm starving myself, I have yet to lose even a quarter of a pound, and it looks like even losing five lousy pounds will take six weeks. 

I guarantee I put those five pounds on in one late night peanut butter and honey in a spoon frenzy. It's so unfair, isn't it?

I survived making heart shaped sugar cookies with my three year old tonight. It actually was fun. Cooking with my kids is something I've always thought I would do, but the practicality of it - hot ovens, sharp knives, messes - can be daunting. Still, I let B help me make some of the Christmas candies, and he enjoyed it so much that he still talks about it. He did great with the cookies tonight. And I think I'm pretty good about giving him jobs he can get a kick out of - like rolling out the dough, putting on the sprinkles, dumping ingredients in the bowl. I'm really hoping we can do more of this as he and his brother get older. Nothing sexier than a man who cooks, right?

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