Monday, January 25, 2016

T minus one week

One week until registration opens for my event. It's crazy to think how stressed out and in debt I was this time last year - the most broke I'd been since 2001, spending down my paltry savings and deferring bills. And this year I'm hardly thinking about registration at all because I have a nice little surplus and the confidence of a strong year behind me. What a difference a year makes, eh?

And yet any year I could find myself right back there. My income may be decent at times but it sure is unpredictable. And I'm about to embark on two very expensive years with two kids in preschool at the same time. Holding my breath I can pull it off and make it to fall of 2019 when Theo starts free kindergarten at the awesome LAUSD school up in the hill that, if I lived across the street, we wouldn't be zoned for. And suddenly both kids' schooling is 100% free after paying through the nose for years. When I was single and childless I thought free universal preschool was a huge waste of resources, but boy do I get it now!

We had a busy weekend with lots of play dates and activities, which left me so exhausted I could barely move at the end of each day. The boys are getting so rambunctious now - Theo is officially in terrible two mode as of a few days ago - I can barely keep up. It is the perfect time for school to take the brunt of all that crazy boy energy; Bobby being there all week is absolutely wonderful, and Theo will start anywhere as early as March or as late as June but hopefully no later. I'm supposed to check in in February which is now next week. March, March, March!

Sunday we went to this nifty train museum which is where I normally book the boys' birthday, but in fear of being rained out by El NiƱo (which has yet to manifest itself) I instead booked a cheap indoor play space in the neighborhood. We only get two hours and set up is minimal, so it's going to be far less labor intensive than our usual gatherings, which is kind of a good thing and kind of a bad thing since I enjoy it. We're doing a robot theme which is really my excuse to have a Kraftwerk theme. If you're looking for me in the next two months I will be buried in Pinterest.

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