Thursday, December 10, 2015


Be prepared there's a lot of TMI in this post.

We are on day 5 of this stomach bug misery. On Monday we were doing ok - B in school, kids not sick, me on the mend. But I woke up feeling horrible on Tuesday - so horrible that I texted my kind cleaning lady, who had offered to babysit before and was coming to clean, to see if she would watch the kids instead of clean while I lay in bed. She said she would, but about a half hour into it I could see it wasn't really working - the kids don't know her, she barely speaks English, and has no idea about the daily life around here, stuff that whoever is watching your children needs to know, like who gets which sippy cup and what to make for lunch and how to work the tv remote, etc. So I sucked it up and took them up to the attic play space so she could clean instead. 

Then at three in the morning I was woken by Bobby's screams. He had puked on his bed and all over the floor. Cleaned that up, comforted him, put him back to bed. Twenty minutes later the same thing...and every twenty minutes thereafter for the next three hours. 

One good thing about kids this age is you can teach them to puke in a bucket or toilet. Doesn't mean they'll always make it, but they at least try. This is a game changer.

So Wednesday I kept him home from school and we just lay on the living room floor and watched tv all day while Theo ran around and tore the house apart. It sucked, but I have to admit it's much easier looking after a lethargic sick kid when you're also sick than it is one who's bored and full of energy and just wants to yell in your face and climb on your stomach. A Bobby that sits quietly and politely asks for drinks is way easier to handle. 

Baby is still healthy but I am waiting for him to start puking any time now - no doubt sometime convenient like when he's on the couch, my bed, or in the car seat.

My living room rug is a total loss at this point. I have given up all illusion of control  - I have done more loads of laundry, thrown away more half-eaten food, and scrubbed more carpets in the last two days than I ever wanted to in my entire life.

Thank God for television and grocery delivery. As of Wednesday there wasn't a scrap of food left in this house, but I got $200 worth delivered this morning.

The Boyfriend is also sick but unlike me has to work long hours every day. And that's another thing I'm grateful for - I don't have to work!!! I can't imagine how stressed I'd be if I knew my job was on the line every time we have these miserable weeks-long illnesses.

As for me, I am still totally nauseated. I'm able to eat a little bit here and there so I'm not in any danger, but I feel horrid. I've felt like this since Saturday night and it's now Thursday. When does this fucking end? It's like being pregnant but with no cute baby at the end. 


  1. I'm sorry you're all sick again! This kind of frequency just doesn't seem normal. Have you considered having your water tested, or have you reported your illnesses to the State in case there's a pattern in your neighborhood? I have two in daycare and we've never come down with anything like this.

    1. Ditto on this. SO SO sorry you're sick again. But it does seem too frequent. With the Chipotle norovirus and E coli outbreaks it's got me paranoid. You might think about getting some tests from your docs. And definitely, if the boys seem dehydrated or sicker than "normal sick," take them in. And bleach everything in your house. That being said, a friend of mine had multiple stomach bugs go through her family last fall, so maybe you're good gut flora just gets wiped out with the first bout and your less resistant to subsequent bugs(?). I really hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Aaw, hope you all get well soon. You might consider talking to your doctor about getting all of you on probiotics to restore healthy gut bacteria. They are mostly over the counter, so just find a reputable one. Also, eat more fermented foods like yogurt, tofu, sauerkraut etc for more natural sources. Put sanitizer in your car and use after daycare or play then wash hands when home. I'm a doctor and I agree, this is a bit frequent. You're probably already doing some of these. All the best.

  3. Ugh! Sorry you and B are sick. Hopefully the baby will avoid it!!

  4. Yuck! So sorry you went through this. You're right about training kids to puke into things. With Elena, she'll ask for the puke bowl...yes I never thought I'd have a puke bowl. It use to be for chips at parties, not anymore!