Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas week

Christmas is this week. Did you notice? 

I am pleased to say that, knock wood, our weeks of sickness appear to be behind us. Baby is eating well again, as is Bobby who was getting a little too thin. And you all know how frightening/disheartening it is when your children don't eat, from worrying about them to being slightly annoyed by all the waste of food (and your time and effort making it). 

Before you have kids you think you'd rather die than scrub vomit out of car seats or carpets and that you could never survive that. And oh, it is horrible. But you do survive it. Much like you survive childbirth and that first time your baby's hard palate clamps down on your sensitive nipple. You survive. 

By some miracle I was able to do almost everything I needed to do for Christmas - the only thing I had to skip was my movie club (no sitter) and one of my book clubs' annual cookie and book exchanges (again, no sitter, and too sick to bake cookies in our plague-infested kitchen). I was able to do my band gigs, go to a fancy dinner, go to the other book club's holiday party and gift exchange, AND make candy for all of my band members, friends, one sitter, house cleaner, and preschool teachers and assistants. I am SO glad that the holidays are a dead time of year for my work. I don't know how the hell people handle full time jobs, kids, holiday travel, and elaborate gifts for multiple family members. I would lose my mind from the stress. 

It's funny to think of last year vs. this year vs. next year. Last year was ok but kind of lonely; this year will be much less lonely; next year I will either be on my own again or living with and/or engaged to this man. Let's see what happens!

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