Tuesday, December 15, 2015

...and on and on...

I was watching a movie Thursday night when I heard screaming coming from the baby's room. Of course, covered in vomit. I got him and his bed all cleaned up just in time for him to throw up again, then cleaned up a third time just in time for a third vomit. Finally I just gave up and put burp cloths under him and switched those out. I slept on the day bed up in the attic next to his crib, getting up to rub his back every time the dry heaves attacked his little body, which happened every 20-30 minutes all night long.

This is parenthood, people. It ain't pretty.

The next day was a school day for B. Just as we were getting ready to leave the house the baby projectile vomited all over me, head to toe. I stripped off my soaked shirt, pants, socks and shoes, stripped the baby, threw on clean clothes, wiped his chin, and left everything in a big vomity pile on the floor while we went to take B to school. At that point I just didn't give a fuck anymore.

Things seemed to look up from there - Bobby was fine, baby on the mend, and I was able to take part in some much needed fun holiday activities during the weekend, including setting up our tree. 

Then today as we were taking a long drive up to Malibu for some outdoor time, the baby vomited copiously all over the car. Poor Bobby almost followed suit and we had an agonizing wait as I tried to get off the freeway and pull over so I could clean him up. Thank God I'd stashed some extra clothes and a wet bag in the trunk - it took ages to clean the seat, car seat, and baby, especially when all I had was a handful of wipes. We turned around and came home and I'll just have to finish cleaning the car when they're asleep.

So, yeah. Not been good around here. I just want this nightmare of sickness to be over. For the record, everyone I know with little kids is going through the same thing right now, so I know it's not just us. After about ten days of this, though, I'm pretty fucking burned out.

I do have some excellent news, though. As of tonight, and with many phone calls, office visits, and paperwork, I now have us all starting free health care in January, which will save me about $600 a month and cover Theo's upcoming preschool fees. We may only have this for a year - who knows what'll be happening when we have to renew - but even that is such a massive savings that I figured it was worth all the trouble. 

Also, after much back and forth with B's preschool, it looks like he can start all five days on Jan 11, which is going to impact my life dramatically. To be the full time caretaker to two small children only two days a week instead of four is going to be huge - and will hopefully jumpstart our stalled potty training. I am giddy with anticipation. Also, there is a chance T may be able to start earlier than June - I was told to check in in February. 

That freedom train is a-comin'!


  1. Hang in there, and congrats on the extra $600 a month you scored! That is huge. As is getting more child care covered so you have more time not to be on duty. Sounds like once you get done with this evil illness, things are shaping up to be grand in 2016!

  2. You are a rock star making it through all that puking! Yeah for free health care!