Friday, November 6, 2015


Here is a comparison pic I made of Bobby & Theo when Theo was about one month old as opposed to nearly 20 months old. Ain't they cute?

I don't know about you guys, but when I look at pictures of my kids when they were younger I barely recognize them. The other day Facebook brought to my attention a video I had posted of Bobby kicking in his crib at probably ten months or so old. I had no memory of this. Is it age, brain fry from years of sleep deprivation, or being constantly in the moment that causes this? Whatever it is it makes me slightly more understanding of my mother having forgotten just about everything about my childhood.

The Boyfriend came over Wednesday night and, surprise, we were able to resolve everything with a long talk. I've never done that before - been in a relationship in which issues arise, you talk them out and come to an understanding, and move on with no ill will. What is that? You mean you don't just break up the first time there's a problem? My mother's been married four times. I'm not going to assume she had zero conflict resolution skills, but that plus the fact that our first fight was our last and we haven't spoken since says a lot.

Conflicts with The Boyfriend and I always revolve around the same issue - he wants to be way involved in my life and gets hurt when he feels left out, and I want to go slower. Also, texting misunderstandings and weird Facebook stuff have always been the culprit. Which shows once and again how technology and social media is a blessing and a curse. The important thing is that we're both rational people who can talk things out and listen. We also recognize how much our childhood issues play in to our reactions to things - his being treated as an outsider by his family, and me growing up in a religion of guilt and blame so I'm hyper-sensitive to being accused of things. So as of right now everything is a-ok.

I got an estimate on hardwood flooring my bedroom and hallway and painting/replastering my bedroom. It is about what I thought. I'm not sure I can afford it before the money starts back up in February...but the idea of looking at that grungy pet-stained hallway carpet for four more months...hmmmm...


  1. Oh good! I'm rooting for you guys! (you and the Boyfriend as a couple, and you and the boys as a family)

  2. gorgeous boys!

    glad things got talked out with Boyfriend. it's great that he wants to be involved! but good for you for standing up for what you need. obviously if he pushes and you bail, everyone loses.