Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall photo shoot

Here are some selections from my Sunday photo shoot. She does always manage to bring out the best in us, this gal:

Today I had parent-teacher conferences for Bobby. As with the last one, they just told me he's meeting all expectations. I was surprised to hear he's one of only two other part-timers in his class; apparently most of the kids are all day, every day. They say he's fitting in well, though, despite not being there all the time. 

I casually asked about Theo starting up around his birthday (March) and they said it would most likely be June when they transition new kids in. I kind of suspected this...but the idea of spending three more months, seven months from now, on 100% full time child care, kind of makes me want to despair a little bit. A friend (a male friend, I might mention) told me not to rush to get child care, to really enjoy these last moments being my younger child's only caretaker. And I do have moments of that. But. The idea of having three afternoons entirely to myself - to work, to go to yoga, to meet friends for lunch, to get the house in order, to read, anything - just sounds sooooo appealing right now!


  1. Love the photos!!

    As much as the money for two day cares is prohibitive, I have found that time to my self is SO valuable. And it is a good experience for T too. To meet other people and interact with them without you around.

  2. Great pics, she really is a wonderful photographer!

    And maybe you could hire a part-time nanny for Theo in the spring, until he can start daycare? Just a thought. :)

  3. Love the photos, especially the first and last ones!

    I don't really appreciate men telling full time moms (those who are home full time) to appreciate this time. My brother told my SIL that. When she is not sleeping. And he is.

    Be however you feel. Be authentic.

    Sorry you have to wait, maybe.