Monday, November 23, 2015

A week of Thanksgiving

I am all a-titter getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. I am making lists and designing table scapes and plotting out what things to cook what nights this week to save trouble on the day of. My sister and brother-in-law are coming, so I'm cooking for them, the kids, The Boyfriend, and a Thanksgiving orphan friend of his. I'm tempted to invite more people. For so long I was the Thanksgiving orphan being taken in by kindly families in absence of my own; it's a delight to finally be able to return the favor. Some people might be daunted by the task of cooking an elaborate meal for seven people, but not me. I say motherfucking bring it.

I waited my whole life to have a nice man and kids of my own to celebrate with at the holidays. Now that that moment is finally here I'm going to enjoy every goddamned minute of it.

I hope you all enjoy this week of Thanksgiving, and if not, I hope for brighter times for your future!


  1. LOVE IT.

    And love the picture.

    I give you a ton of credit - I wouldn't know where to begin with making a Thanksgiving dinner. Never roasted a turkey in my life! I'm just not a cook, even though I wish I were. I'd have to have a big dinner catered, I think!

  2. Have a great day!! The great company is what matters... the food will be great no matter what!